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Hands Up!

put your hands up!
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Most people will place a wayward glove they find on top of a fence or on any other suitable place nearby, from where it might be subsequently spotted and retrieved by the owner.

On windy days these gloves can blow away, so some means of securing them would be useful, and nothing holds a glove better in place than an actual hand.

The idea is to make a series of bronze cast human hands and place them randomly in busy public locations ready to receive any misplaced gloves. They could protrude on the end of arms attached to lamp-posts and other items of street furniture or be bolted unto window ledges etc

An entire fence that terminates along the top edge in hands assuming various poses is the extension of the idea. Those with extra gloves having no matching partner could add them to the fence, inviting anyone who needs to simply take them.

xenzag, Jan 10 2019

glove on a fence https://www.dreamst...e-fence-image570305
[xenzag, Jan 10 2019]


       Public sculptures - e.g. of famous historical figures - should always be made with bare, life-sized hands to allow for lost gloves to be displayed. In particular, this idea demonstrates that we need more sculptures of Indian gods, which are often represented with multiple arms and hands, as this would allow for the prominent display of many lost woolly gloves and mittens.
hippo, Jan 10 2019

       +. Good idea!
DrBob, Jan 10 2019

       There could be a bronze statue of Margaret Thatcher atop the cliffs at Dover, facing france, arm raised and extending two fingers skyward to indicate the British attitude to the french, the EU, and johnny foreigner in general.
8th of 7, Jan 10 2019

       I quite like the idea of a fence with hands on the fence- posts.
Loris, Jan 10 2019

       There could be one every few metres along the top of The Don's Wall, each with the index finger extended upwards in a "Screw You !" gesture.   

       They could alternate in facing north and south ...
8th of 7, Jan 10 2019


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