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Ferris Roller Coaster

Put people into a Ferris wheel, then roll the Ferris wheel.
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Load the riders into a Ferris wheel like structure. Once everyone is loaded, the wheel is rolled up a track to the top of a hill and let go. It goes through the standard hills and maybe even a loop. Meanwhile, the riders are rolling around and around the rim as it goes up and down the hills.
GenYus, Jun 23 2004

Ferris Wheel on a Roll http://www.halfbake...eel_20on_20a_20Roll
the same minus the hills [FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       + Class, and if you want to get off all you have to do is time it right and jump off when you're next to the ground with zero relative speed!
scubadooper, Jun 23 2004

       Save Ferris!
RayfordSteele, Jun 23 2004

       I really like this idea. I would ride this, throw up, and get back on. If the axle rode on the rail the top would travel quite fast and the bottom would throw you back. If it were on a truck assembly you could rotate it any either direction at whatever speed made people scream the loudest. Very cool!
Spare parts, Jun 24 2004

       I like this idea, but the constant acceleration in various directions sounds a little crazy. I assume regulation ferris wheel carriages wouldn't work... although if the, um, 'people holders' were free rotating, going fast enough would keep you with your feet pointing away from the axis of the wheel... which sounds really cool. Wait, this is a fast ride, right?
Cheekio, Jun 24 2004

       [Spare parts], I had though that the bottom of the Ferris wheel would ride on the track, but using the axle to ride on the track would make it more stable. The rotation is caused by it rolling down the track, making it uncontroled.   

       [Cheekio], very definately a fast ride. I was thinking that the cars would be free to spin in whatever direction they wanted. I wouldn't want them rotating fast enough that centrifugal force would keep them outside. I want them to be flipping all around in crazy weird directions.   

       [FarmerJohn], the idea you posted seems to be of a ride designed for slow majestic viewing of the city. My idea is for random, rapid G-force changes for the ultimate thrill ride. If people think my idea is too close, then I can delete it.
GenYus, Jun 24 2004

       I think it's sufficiently different especially rolling on the axle.
FarmerJohn, Jun 27 2004


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