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Draw A coaster

V.R. meets D.S.
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Multiple Consoles are scattered all over the building. They consist of two touch screens, side by side. Two people go to one and begin to create their coaster. First they select the setting for the roller coaster. It could in space, over a city, in cyberspace, in the middle of a dogfight, or in a canyon among other things. You can also select a target test mode to add a competitive edge to the ride. Then you start to draw your coaster. This is the reason there are two screens. Both people draw a line. One person controls the hills, the other controls the turns. When they both connect the start and finish points of the ride (Set by you as well) The ride auto corrects the lines so the simulator can, well simulate it. You then set the speed, and how the track looks. The computer tests of you can Survive the ride, then gives you a magnetic memory card.

You then go to the simulator. The simulator consist of a large round room with a vehicle in the center. It's supported in air by four telescoping bars. The bars can move up and down and can move the vehicle all over the room. The vehicle consists of two chairs surrounded by HD screens, with 3d goggles, speed simulator wind jets, and barf bags. Also there are two light guns locked in holsters that only unlock during target test mode. The vehicle can rotate 360 degrees in any direction, to replicate corkscrews. You give the operator the card, and if the ride is safe, you enter the simulator room and enter the vehicle. You put on the goggles, get strapped in, and in target test, get your light gun. The ride is in full 3d. You ride the coaster you created, or shoot targets in target test mode, trying to hit all of them. You get a score after the ride in target test mode, or just your card back in normal mode. If you're riding alone you can select pre made coasters. This ride can make Halfbakery coasters like disorient express possible.

Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005

You may want to talk to these people about your idea. http://disneyworld....tainmentPage&bhcp=1
[sartep, Jun 22 2005]


       I'm guessing that you stumbled in to this little amusement facility here while searching for something about roller coasters.   

       Well, welcome aboard. Please keep your hands and arms inside the car at all times and enjoy your ride.
half, Jun 22 2005

Xcubeds, Jun 22 2005


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