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Fetching Virus

It does the leg work for you!
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I propose a Virus based File Sharing system that would allow you to encode a particular file name or partial filename. You would encode your fetching virus and then send it out in the world, it would then hop from system to system seeking the file in question. Once it finds it it copies it and sends it to you. Additional setting allow you to program the number of times it will execute the routine(to get multiple files sharing the name).

Upon completing its mission it would send out an anti-virus to kill off any copies of itself and then self destruct.

jhomrighaus, May 11 2007


       Baked, kinda. Mainly for windows password storage files. Sorry, no linky but Symantec has a list of them if you search.
marklar, May 14 2007

       Somewhat alarmingly, I misread the t in the title as an l.
calum, May 14 2007

       So glad it wasn't just me [calum].
oneoffdave, May 14 2007

       I don't think you can get a virus from.... um... 'fetching' unless your spoon is dirty
Mister Sketchly, May 14 2007

       Wouldn't this just be a regular virus in a rather becoming frock?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2007


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