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Trustworthy discussions on legitimate business, software and websites
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Like snopes.com but rather than just discussing rumors and email claims, discuss businesses, politics, websites and software about how legitimate or fraudulent they are, AND MAINLY, WHY THEY THINK IT IS SO.

The main entry on each subject will be written by an expert with proof of what they claim as fraud or damaging actions, and should include a discussion about the company's response (or responses). The website should allow two discussions, one supporting the discussed business / politician / party / website / software and one for those opposing it. There can be links made between the two.

If there are enough [+] for this idea, I'll go ahead and make it.

The website will assist in rephrasing comments which are abusive or aggressive.

pashute, May 12 2013


       Well I'll bun, but know that I plan to redact that bun if this site doesn't get made!
DIYMatt, May 12 2013

       Sounds like a practical sister-site alter ego for Halfbakery...almost-real half-baked ideas here, rooting out fake-real half-boned ideas there.   

       Bun for 'will contribute'...carry on. ETD for site?
Sgt Teacup, May 12 2013


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