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Fetus power

Start with a flexible and expandable harness...
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Open the amniotic sac, apply harness to fetus, close sac. Now, every time the fetus kicks or moves some other way, the harness generates electricty. This electricity could be used to power an in-womb low-volume music device --or perhaps something else; I'm only suggesting a music device because it is known that older fetuses appear to like music. They also have enough brainpower to quickly learn that their movements cause the music, so they will get plenty of exercise if we simply make sure to include appropriate music. Jazzercise-in-the-womb, call it, perhaps.

One consequence is that after such unusual exertion, caused by wanting to hear the music, the fetus will fall asleep faster and sleep longer, benefiting its pregnant hostess by giving her a better chance to get a decent amount of sleep....

Vernon, Jul 15 2010

baby power baby_92s_20mobile_2...g_20infant_20energy
[po, Jul 15 2010]

Less invasive idea babyboombox
[zeno, Jul 16 2010]


       someone you know is pregnant, yes? Opening the womb is never a good idea. just play the music on the outside.
dentworth, Jul 15 2010

       As pointed out above, too invasive. Try custard-suspended piezo devices in fashionable mommy-wear.
normzone, Jul 15 2010

       oh and somehow the baby stepping downwards onto the bladder could result in a neat bass drum rhythm...   

       there must be a way that the music could be generated from outside the mother's body without the need for this dangerous harness.   

       on the subject of the harness, is it leather with metal links and horse brasses?
po, Jul 15 2010

       Ooh, pony girl wear, I like it ;-)
normzone, Jul 15 2010

       Just for the record, this is a non-serious Idea, posted for the fun of it. And no, no known pregnancies had anything to do with thinking it up.   

       On another hand, if someone wanted to pursue it seriously, then the above objections regarding danger in opening the amniotic sac would easily explain why this Idea is Half-Baked. That is, that sac problem must be thoroughly solved before this Idea could be seriously considered.
Vernon, Jul 15 2010

       Just received the subpoena for the paternity test?
normzone, Jul 15 2010

       hah! [normz]   

       pregnancy is a stage faaaar in my past, but I can still cringe when I read this.
dentworth, Jul 15 2010

       Dentworth, I've explained before that "Dentworth" is clearly a male name. When will you abandon this twisted fantasy?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 15 2010

       Makes me wonder if infants <later edit> fetuses <l/e> could learn a rudimentary morse code type thing where they reply with kicks. One kick for yes, and two kicks for no.
Since they already know all of the important stuff in the womb that they begin un-learning at birth it could be quite enlightening.

       (+) For making me wonder that.   

       yes Max , whatever you say Max. and I've said before dentworth starts with a lower case d. I guess I also want to say this is bad science but not bad enough to mfd, and it could also be seen as cruelty, but not realistic enough to be taken that seriously. so Vernon have your fun.
dentworth, Jul 16 2010


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