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Fiber-Optic Toothpick Cam

USB Fiber-Optic toothpick cam
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The USB Fiber-Optic toothpick cam gives you a picture of what's really happening in your mouth, in full color, realtime 3M pixels video, including zoom in and out.

Accessories: Mini robotic tweasers, controlled with your mouse. Thermometer, for recieving real time information, and also useful if you stick toothpick in baked cake, to check if its ready. Hygienic toothpic-tip replacements. Que-tip ear cleaning accessory.

pashute, May 01 2006

Like this but with gadgets: http://www.kodak.co...path=2146/2154/2184
[methinksnot, May 01 2006]

Similar idea ... Polaroid_20Toothpicks
[normzone, Jul 07 2021]

Baked, many times over https://www.google....fi+dental+endoscope
Not fiber optic or toothpick size, but suitable to task. [a1, Jul 07 2021]

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       Back just before the turn of the century, I worked with a manufacturer of early digital dental cameras who tried this idea as a means to allow dentists to probe inside a nerve passage or cavity they were drilling out.   

       One of the beta testers broke one off inside a patients tooth and had to drill it out. That was the end of that product line.   

       Oh, and link.
normzone, Jul 07 2021

       I need this tomorrow.
lingamish, Jul 09 2021


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