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Polaroid Toothpicks

Grind things with your molars and pour saliva over them
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We've all had the experience: A great meal, lingering flavors, and something stuck between your teeth. What is it?

A caroway seed, a sprig of dill? It's certainly not a red pepper seed.

Tear the protective cover off of a Polaroid Toothpick, wedge it into the place where the unknown leftover is, and sit with your lips and teeth parted for a brief period of time to expose the multi-layer media package at the toothpick's tip.

Then remove the pick, and wave it in the air for a minute or so. Then look at the tiny image and you'll have a clue as to what that remnant of your meal is.

normzone, Jul 07 2021

Pen/Pencil Toothpick Holder [pashute, Jul 07 2021]


       Is your endoscope in for repairs?
pertinax, Jul 07 2021

       Many years ago I wrote here a very similar idea of the late and very troubled Yogev Ukashi, just after he had committed suicide.   

       Looking back I found that I had posted a different idea of his, and not the one with a camera.   

       The reason for that was that at the time I thought it was impossible to attach a camera to a toothpick.
pashute, Jul 07 2021

       I would think it would be very simple to attach a camera to a toothpick, just use sticky tape or an elastic band.
pocmloc, Jul 07 2021

       Polaroid film is increasingly difficult to get these days (at least the type 100 packfilm format is anyway), there is a boutique company in Vienna who still make it, but it's f-ing expensive.   

       Is there such a thing as an auto-dental periscope?
zen_tom, Jul 09 2021

       I must have not communicated clearly. This would be akin to a contact print. If there was any lens involved, it would be a slight bubble on the top layer of the media package.
normzone, Jul 10 2021


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