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Incident Evidence Glove

An occasional, immediate camera housed in the palm of a glove.
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As a moderately militant pedestrian I am often shocked by the diabolical liberties that some drivers take. This about putting power back into the hands (or gloves) of respectable, and oft-wronged, walkers.

"Smile for the Hand" is a glove that you wear while walking that houses a slim digital camera in the palm. This probably would need to have to have a recessed lense to avoid scratching, due to day-to-day wear and tare.

To take a picture you present the palm, stetch your palm into a "stop" gesture and hear the "I've got it" notification once it takes the picture. Using the stop gesture should also ensure that your palm is instinctively pointing in the right direction. The picture would have a timestamp.

It is intended for those times when you need a picture taken with as close to zero response time as possible.

The examples I'm thinking of are when a car has just barely avoided running you over on a marked pedestrian crossing (a zebra crossing in the UK), has just run a light or is parking somewhere incredibly dangerous.

A USB lead would recharge and transfer pictures from the glove. An optional second, matching glove could also be sold possibly to assist with supplementary hand gestures ...

The obvious alternative would be a constant working extreme sports personal, head mounted video camera but this is for exceptional events not a constant video diary.

Aristotle, Jun 25 2009


       Renamed to Incident Evidence Glove, which still isn't quite right. The other name didn't work because no smiling was involved.   

       However I recognise that it probably not inventive enough to pass Halfbakery standards ...
Aristotle, Jun 25 2009

       a ring worn with the lens on the palm side... I like the idea of holding your hand out and having a flash go off though: cheap superhero thrills.
FlyingToaster, Jun 25 2009

       A middle-finger ring with the lens on the outer side would work for me, as it would work seemlessly with my common reaction to unruly motorists.
swimswim, Jun 25 2009

       A cell phone embedded in a glove wouldn't work. People would just take pictures of them selves.   

       "Wanna see my selfies ?"   

       Driving gloves with cell phones would cause accidents.
popbottle, Aug 31 2015

       It needs to take a pair of photos with a short but precise interval. That way, when the glove is peeled from the corpse, investigators get not only the driver's license plate but also proof that they hit the pedestrian at an illegal speed.
pertinax, Aug 31 2015


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