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nose cam

Camera with indentation for the user's nose.
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Is it just me, or are cameras shaped as if people didn't have noses? They should look more like little diving masks.
jutta, Aug 10 1999


       And the eyepieces could be better designed so you could see the image more precisely.
NoDInIt, Dec 15 1999

       Oh, I get it. I thought you meant a camera for photographing UP peoples' noses. If you look far enough up there, you can sometimes see what somebody's thinking.
dumbeast, Mar 03 2000

       good thing you picked this name, dumbeast, it represents you, i've visited your site too, it's pretty cool for a man that has nothing better to spend his time and money on. i bet they do have some "nose cam" stiled cameras too, it's just that you didn't get to use one yet. do you know those ones that have a screen on the back, that's one solution to your problem, wich i don't think it's such a big one, since you don't have to "wear" a cam on your face all day!
brutus, Jun 27 2000

       You could add to the indentation some kind of tissue insert or absorptive material, for those of us with oily skin. It's really annoying haviing to clean the smudges off the back of your camera.
BigThor, Aug 30 2000

       You are looking for spy glasses.
kamathln, Jul 16 2010

       I had to pick up a camera to see what you mean. Does your camera have the viewfinder centrally, or off to one side?   

       If it's off to one side, there should be left- and right-handed versions, depending on which is your dominant eye.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 16 2010

       No, there shoudn't. Pandering to the ridiculous whims of left-handers and those with a left master eye is encouraging deviancy bordering on perversion. Lefties should be hunted down and eliminated. Destroy the deviants, erase the non-conformers ! Keep the gene pool pure ! Strength through joy ! Only by purifying the species can we ensure survival ! We have the Final Solution ! Will you stop waving that bloody swastika banner in our face, we can't see a damned thing, you're going to cause an AIEEEERRRGHHH <THUMP>   

       Sorry, what was the question again ?
8th of 7, Jul 16 2010


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