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Fido Fairing

Pooch Particulate Protection
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Everyone has seen the comical visages of dogs poised upon the seats of moving vehicles with their heads thrust out of the side lights. A passing car offers a hound grinning into the wind; ears and eyelids rippling; jowls and tongues burbling, pulled into risible contours by the slipstream; snouts snuffling as their keen senses of smell amplify and assemble olfactory images of the passing landscape.

They can't help it. They're dogs.

They also can't help the wind-driven grit that stings their eyes and damages their ears and skin.

They refuse to wear goggles.

So, I propose an aerodynamic dog-protecting windscreen that fastens simply and securely between the doorframe and top edge of the glass of a partially opened car window. Small NACA vents can duct plenty of air for the dog to enjoy without exposing him to the direct force of the winds.

bristolz, Jul 07 2004

some do, some don't... http://www.maximume...oggles/doggles3.jpg
what hippo said! [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       <massed crowds of fans>"Picture! Picture!"</massed crowds of fans>
hippo, Jul 07 2004

       How does the dog roll down the window in the first place? +
sartep, Jul 07 2004

       Power windows; he just leans on the button.
angel, Jul 07 2004

       Here, through the fifties moped riders hade a clear plastic cylinder mounted horizontally from the face - nothing in front of the eyes and no wind on the face. Dogs could have cones on their necks like from the vet, but with a much more acute angle. Curious car canines could crane coned craniums catching cool currents … if they have strong necks.
FarmerJohn, Jul 07 2004

       Think I prefer dog goggles, but good for those that won't. I did think, though, that it was the rush of air that prompted the dogs, just as it prompts adults and children to stick their heads out of train windows.
DrCurry, Jul 08 2004

       My vet tells me it's the smells rather than the air but that's just his opinion. Our dog doesn't like the wind, though, for whatever reason but, whenever the car comes to a stop his snout goes out.
bristolz, Jul 08 2004

       wow - I never thought about that angle, briz. Must be like speed-reading an entire neighbourhood. MTV for dogs. Truly a blast.
lostdog, Jul 08 2004

       My friend's dog would stick her nose in the dashboard air vents when the windows were closed, lending weight to [bz]'s vet's theory.
angel, Jul 09 2004

       tis perfect [bristolz]. I *love* dogs in cars!
jonthegeologist, Jul 09 2004

       15 or 20 years ago I read a childhood novel that featured a dog with goggles riding in the back of a car becasue the dog had developed some kind of eye infection...   

       Just can't quite reach it's name right now.
gruissan, Aug 26 2004


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