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Tired of the usual accumulation of splatty bugs on your windscreen during long journeys? Just hang this on the front of your vehicle and it will zap any pesky insects BEFORE they rendezvous with your window. Use speed to your advantage and wipe out whole communities of the stupid gnats! Works day and night. Removable 'eezy-kleen' tray supplied. Runs off cigarette lighter (presumably). Pidgeon/cat/buffalo/human attachments under various stages of development/disposal.
tretchikoff, Jul 16 2000


       I want a set of littletiny anti-aircraft guns for a hood ornament for just this purpose. Will make people think twice about cutting me off, too...
StarChaser, Jul 16 2000

       This should be like the "Electro-B*****d Ray" off Carmageddon!
Lurdburger, Jul 17 2000

       Personally I have always wanted one that eliminates cars that are too slow to go at green lights.
Alcin, Aug 13 2000

       Well, I would suggest some energy weapon, like microwave beams focused with a parabolic reflector, but there are several problems. First, you have to have a very good power supply. The second problem, and a little more of a problem, is that cars in front of you will undoubtly either blow up or be totally messed up. If your purpose is to clear the road of cars AND bugs, then this is for you!
lockle, Aug 14 2000


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