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Hot Fluids

Warm it for a better wash
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We all know that hot water makes removing grease and other dirt from your domestic washing up that bit easier, right?

We also know that using hot water makes cleaning your windscreen (windshield) much easier too.

So I propose a simple renavigation of the windscreen washer fluid via the hotter parts of the engine before hitting the windscreen itself. The increased heat should help dissolve wiped out insects and make for clear viewing, which I'm informed can improve driving performances!

jonthegeologist, Jul 04 2004

no doubt this feature would appear here... http://www.halfbake..._20blooded_20motors
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Hot & Cold Seats http://www.halfbake...0_26_20Cold_20seats
[energy guy, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Sounds reasonable to me.
waugsqueke, Jul 04 2004

       This is also an option on the Mini, and probably alot of other cars.
I think Mini market it as a cold weather option, as it stops the sprayers freezing up, but would have much the same effect as you suggest!
MikeOliver, Jul 05 2004

       au contraire, BrauBeaton. Jon's idea says simply re-route the pipe around the engine for heating, not have to install some additional electrical device. Much neater idea, and leass expensive. And I can't actually work out why anyone designing a car hasn't thought of it. Bril idea. +
goff, Jul 05 2004

       would be perfect for winter++
swimr, Jul 05 2004

       the fluid is water or some other chemical ? if water, u would have to design the system for pressure release in case of vaporization. this would also fog your windscreen while washing. if other chemical, u would have to ensure there is no scaling of heat transfer surfaces or fluid decomposition under exposure to intense heat.
vedarshi, Jul 05 2004

       I don't understand how this would work better than the HotShot that was linked. If I want to clear frost and ice from my windscreen on a cold morning, my engine won't have enough heat to warm the fluid appreciably.
Cold engine = cold fluid

       Sorry, fishbone.
Klaatu, Jul 05 2004

       You're fishboning the idea because it may do a poor job at something other than what the author's proposing?
waugsqueke, Jul 05 2004

       Sorry, Klaatu, I fishbone your fishbone... with a croissant for this idea!   

       Running the windshield water tube over hot engine parts is a 100 times more elegant solution than using a whole extra heating system [as the HotShot does].   

       This idea does what the HotShot can do, but at a fraction of the cost. [Are you telling me your engine doesn't warm in two minutes?]   

       Also: Doesn't the HotShot run your battery flat?   

not_only_but_also, Jul 05 2004

       Re-routing the water lines through the engine block is ridiculous. Why not just add an inline module like the hotshot. It runs off 12VDC power, if installed correctly it shouldnt run the battery down. Fish for Yu.
Tony80, Jul 06 2004

       [Tony80], you have a water heater that doesn't run the battery down if it is properly installed?!?!   

       Can I have one for my shower to cut down my power bills?   

       In fact, scrap that, let's go direct to the power station and use it to steam-power the turbine. Free power for all mwa-ha! ;)
not_only_but_also, Jul 06 2004

       // makes the windscreen crack in cold weather // ... think I need to clarify. The water is stored in the same location as usual, but the piping the takes it from the store to the window when the doowippit is activated, passes via the engine manifold.   

       Thus, the water is just warmer, not 'kin hot. I don't think it'll crack the window, even in the coldest of weathers. Your windscreen doesn't crack when you poor a kettle of water over it to defrost does it?   

       // Cold engine = cold fluid // true, but your engine heats up very quickly, so the water will too. This suggestion is not to clear frost or ice [klaatu], it's to help clean the windscreen when dirty.   

       This will not drain your battery like the HotShot.
jonthegeologist, Jul 08 2004

       Don't claim to know anything about cars, but if your engine is already running, then the HotShot won't drain your battery, surely.
spacemoggy, Jul 08 2004

       //Your windscreen doesn't crack when you poor a kettle of water over it to defrost does it?//
Sometimes it does. Sometimes it's pretty spectacular, too. I ended up with four gallons of middling warm water and an awful lot of glass in the seat, and no trace of the windshield in the frame. And four miles to drive. I think this idea is probably good, but you wouldn't catch me trying it.
lurch, Jul 08 2004

       Nice. It could also work as a water cooled engine concept performing 2 functions
1. providing hot water
2. Cooling the engine.
energy guy, Jul 08 2004

       noted. warm the water, don't boil it. quick exposure to the manifold should ensure warm not boiling water on the screen and will cool the engine as [energy] points out.
jonthegeologist, Jul 08 2004

       Some vehicles are equipped with a combination radiator bottle / washer bottle that would arguably serve this function.   

       Another one I should run by the thermal group at Jeep.
RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2004

       And you can have hot tea on the way to work.
gabe, Jul 11 2004

       That too - heres a croissant for your tea (+)
energy guy, Jul 23 2004


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