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Fifth Grade Again

Annual review and update of what we learned when we were 10
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There is much that I learned in fifth grade that I need an annual update on, lest my education be formally fixed at 1980.

I propose an annual review course--maybe it's just one day--in which you go over the fifth-grade basics.

Geography--to keep up with changing nations and capitals. Algebra--so handy at tax-time. Basic Grammar--refresher course on compound adjectives and the like. Some history past the date at which your fifth-grade history textbook ended. And some basic science.

One could pitch it as an anti-ignorance class in the event that "Fifth Grade Again" didn't catch on.

soosan, Feb 12 2003

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ThinkGeek's take on that. [DrCurry, Oct 17 2004]


       She's right. People are shockingly poorly skilled. Nevertheless, I can't see the idea being a popular one.
snarfyguy, Feb 12 2003

       Heck, my son sometimes surprises me with nuggets he learned from me just a couple of years ago. We all need backup memory packs.
DrCurry, Feb 12 2003

       I still carry with me aspects I learned in 5th. I even practice one of these lessons here. 'Never give up on an idea simply because it is bad and doesn't work. Cling to it even when it is hopeless. Anyone can cut and run, but it takes a very special person to stay with something that is stupid and harmful.' And they say you never use the things you learn in early chilhood. I testify...they err.
fisher, Feb 12 2003

       mmmmmmmm Miss Lane
thumbwax, Feb 13 2003

'Fifth grade again' - That is the mantra of my fifth grade teacher. This'll be the tenth year with Mrs McElhaney...
Jinbish, Feb 13 2003


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