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get it done electioneering

Use the campaign donations for works in society, to show your policies physically
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Instead of a one use billboard, repair a fence or upgrade an area. Show the community that's what the party cares about and is worthy votes.

Clever use of repair, smart construction to gain the most votes will make a newer breed of politician that includes the action with the say. What the party focusses on will sort of indicate their policies. There will still have to some information on policies but media can run around and show areas as they are and what is happening. There will be less focus on people and there foibles but rather their planning and action abilities.

The party that can show it's responsible with campaign donations and can get things done means that when they come into government, where there is access to the public purse, they are already have a track record of sorts .

I am imagining it working similar to the phoning in and out for donations but with the added overhead of people phoning in with desired work. Of course, a back hander of a new spa pool, at an officials residence, would turn off the votes if found out by snooping media.

I would very much like to see a big oil conglomerate remediate an industrial wasteland with neglible benefit other than trying to get the party it wants.

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wjt, Dec 24 2016




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