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The sweet spot of productivity, capability; science of psychology researched

It is possible there is a sweet spot; an actual number or protocol to be found between the sweet spot between compentence and productivity and self esteem<->praise; finding this especially for children, and children's educational software finds the sweet spot where children learn the most at some particular self esteem for some personality type/big 5 cluster
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It is possible there is a sweet spot of self esteem and actual capability; an actual number or curriculum protocol to be found between the sweet spot between competence and productivity and self esteem<->praise:

Finding this especially for children, and children's educational software finds the sweet spot where children learn the most at some particular non perfectionism, non "gifted child" syndrome self esteem for individual particular personality type/big 5 cluster. The big 5 is a well researched and validated psychology metric(test).

If you graph a population like the US you get graphically friendly concentrated clusters of personality frequency combinations; these are rather like the Myers briggs personality test. Creating a new thing, the big 5 personality cluster test, and connecting it to the sweet spot of the right amount of praise (as well as lesson repetition) coupled to the optimal amount of achievement and competence at at particular (new thing) Big 5 personality cluster type is beneficial to the children and the adults they become, making them better and things, and thus median higher pay from education their entire lives.

The could call it the PSE metric (Personality Self Esteem) metric.

beanangel, Apr 16 2021


       What is your unit of measure for quantifying praise? How would such a unit account for the phenomenon of praise inflation, whereby some people's compliments are more irritating than encouraging because everyone knows they're insincere while, from another person, an impassive nod is very high praise indeed?
pertinax, Apr 16 2021

       From some people, "that's a piece of shite and I'm not interested you useless runt" would be worth more than all the medals and honours of the Empire
pocmloc, Apr 16 2021

       I think education in general and the GATE program in particular could learn a lot from the Marine Corps.
sninctown, Apr 16 2021

       Randomness is there for a reason.
wjt, Apr 20 2021

       Yes, nothing is ever a coincidence.
sninctown, Apr 21 2021

       You could even take this further. With the big 5 as some kind of webby spectrum, if you could target the child's personal spot with some sort of easy personality quiz thingy (yeah that might be tough to pull off in practice), then you could tailor the app to hone in on where they were.
RayfordSteele, Apr 21 2021

       I don’t see what’s new here. Sifting beanangel’s explanation leaves: “Use existing, arbitrary personality tests to categorize people. Once you’ve categorized someone, treat them how you think people in that category should be treated.”   

       For better or worse, this is already common practice.
a1, Apr 21 2021

       //rather like the Myers briggs personality test// - a better test would be one which asked the question "Do you believe that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) (a) reflects fundamental truths about people's personalities, or (b) is a load of unscientific hogwash?".
hippo, Apr 21 2021

       Hogwash for me, thanks.   

       [blissmiss] will be around any minute to agree MBTI® and KTS are Big 5 are all hogwash too, but the enneagram was the best $12 she ever spent. Except for one really good hit of acid back in ‘68, that is.
a1, Apr 21 2021

       [a1] In that case you're a HAPT (Hippo's Advanced Personality Test) Type 'B' person. That'll be £50.
hippo, Apr 21 2021

       Is that system written up in any peer reviewed papers?
a1, Apr 21 2021

       <sound of panicked typing>
hippo, Apr 21 2021

       Hey [hippo] I can do the peer review thing pretty quick with guaranteed endorsement and recommendation. Competitive rates.
pocmloc, Apr 21 2021

       Is it OK if I pay you in my new, experimental, as-yet-unlaunched cryptocurrency, HipCoin?
hippo, Apr 21 2021

       Sure, £50 plus 5000 hipcoins will do fine.
pocmloc, Apr 21 2021

       HipCoins have recently crashed in value with the result that 5000 HipCoins is now worth about -£50
hippo, Apr 21 2021

       OK well I'll just take the £50 then. Good job you spotted before the deal was agreed!
pocmloc, Apr 22 2021


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