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Fifty Shades of Dre

Rap It Out
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Now that Tim Cook has courageously come out, the Beats folks have a bit of a challenge, given the well established homophobic rants that permeate much of rap music.

How better then, to reconcile the industry Apple wants to make money on with the image Apple wants to project, then to issue a new rap album that celebrates Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

theircompetitor, Oct 30 2014

nerve.com: Timeline of anti-gay hiphop http://www.nerve.co...-hip-hop-a-timeline
Nice to see that at least some of them have changed their minds since then, but ... yikes. [jutta, Oct 31 2014]



       Sp. Dire
not_morrison_rm, Oct 31 2014

       Nice to see you again.
normzone, Oct 31 2014

       I thought you were referring to the original Beats folk, the deadbeats of the 50s era, who were extremely tolerant of homosexuality/ homophilia, and whose counterculture was largely responsible for liberating gays from psychiatric persecution. Social persecution has been a longer term battle.   

       Anyway the idea seems to imply that corporatism and branding holds the solution to social problems. If you look at the titular mass marketed Fifty Shades of Grey, sadism and masochism are psychiatric diagnostic criteria in some cases, but the popular book sort of created a cultural phenomenon. My issue is that consumer society is sort of stupid, and bohemianism is better at challenging [ moderate norms], while consumer society is just popular fads.   

       That comment is just in reference to the halfbaked idea presented, not necessarily how I would approach discussion of the issue. I was just contrasting two cultures, bohemian and corporate, and how each would cultivate nonconformity differently. The conflict between sex positivism and sexual conservatism is likely a key issue. While sex positivism is progressive towards empowering women who would be, have been and are diminished by shaming for being sexual, it also creates a culture of consent that relates conformity to the body. A sex positivist rape culture where a conforming person is reluctant to say no out of alignment avoidance with sexual conservatism.
rcarty, Oct 31 2014


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