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Connecting book publishers to independent film creators.
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A competition that connects book publishers to independent film creators. Publishers select one of their novels and let independent film creators make a two-five minute video from a scene in the book. The winner of the competition will be based on which video gets the most views on youtube or other video sites, the quality of the video (deemed by the publisher) and representation of the video to the novel. The winner gets money and the publishers get massive advertising. All through the competition, the videos will have an affiliate monetization system with the publisher so every time someone buys a book due to a video, the film maker gets a cut.
goodmars, Mar 19 2009

Book Trailers http://www.squidoo.com/booktrailers
Information about and links to examples of book trailers. [land, Mar 20 2009]

Circle of Seven Productions http://www.cosprodu...videoCoverStory.php
Some nice-looking (non-cheesy) book trailers here. [land, Mar 20 2009]

Why Current Bookvertising Sucks http://copyranter.b...ckiest-of-hack.html
[goodmars, Mar 22 2009]

Anathem Trailer http://blogs.discov...04/anathem-trailer/
Trailer for Neal Stephenson's book _Anathem_ [cowtamer, Mar 24 2009]

Perfect Chemistry: most hillarious book trailer on earth http://blog.booklis...e-1/#comment-406395
[goodmars, Dec 19 2009]


       Good idea, but isn't the title a bit misleading? Wouldn't "FilmMeABook" be closer to the concept? Or did I just misread something here?
halffinity, Mar 20 2009

       @goodmars: Book publishers already produce "Book Trailers", which sounds like what you're on about here. I think a contest that mates publishers with indy producers would be a nice angle. Maybe a reality TV show. "America's Next Best Seller"?
land, Mar 20 2009

       Now that the title has changed, it seems only fair for me to say... disregard my above anno. [+]
halffinity, Mar 20 2009

       oh man, some of these trailers actually make me not want to read the book...   

       I was definitely thinking in the realm of mini-movie esque
goodmars, Mar 21 2009

       oh my, check the link out
goodmars, Mar 22 2009

       nice~ + ~
xandram, Mar 23 2009

       I love this kind of thing, but it's SO scarce. +
Shadow Phoenix, Mar 23 2009

       Received an email with the most hilarious book trailer/rap, felt it was fitting for this idea
goodmars, Dec 19 2009


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