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Economic abstraction

People know barely any thing about what they can do in the economy
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TLDR; pay a company to handle economic decisions for you, so you become a rational economic unit in society

With the complexity forced on individuals in society wrapped away by an abstraction, society can get more complicated without hurting normal people. Can use more kinds of insurances and futures.

I feel that there are many services in society that people do not take advantage of, so they lose out in their lives.

There's also many new services that could be invented if they were abstracted behind a company


manage your pension

manage your bills, getting the cheapest deal


insurances and microinsurances, life insurance, journey insurance

financial investments



maintenance work and periodic maintenance

cooking inefficiencies

These services could be packaged up by a company that claims to manage all these things on your behalfs, to your benefit. So they will:

a) help you book insurance for every day that you travel. You can have commuter insurance. You can get given a free taxi when your train is cancelled.

b) send you cooking appliances and ingredients for food to prepare

c) manage your accounts with your mobile phone company, your gas and electricity company, your insurance companies

d) manage your bank account bills

e) send you ingredients and prepacked ready meals to place in the oven for meals to cook

f) handle your savings by investing in a set of funds that are suitable for your age group and risk profile

g) handle your tax

h) send maintenance people to your car and household appliances

i) buy futures on your shopping basket so you reserve what products you need for cooking

j) invests your money based on what your job is, so your eggs aren't all in one basket

k) handles unemployment insurance

l) cleans your extractor fan

m) cleans your oven

chronological, Mar 27 2020

Life Subscriptions [pocmloc, Mar 27 2020]


       There was an idea on here a few months ago, about subscription lifestyles. Oh it was your idea!
pocmloc, Mar 27 2020

       I like to think this idea is sufficiently different lol   

       Society can get more complicated to solve problems if economic decisions of regular people are abstracted away behind rational companies
chronological, Mar 27 2020

       To get this off the ground, you'll have to convince a large number of people of two things, namely,
1. You think they're stupid.
2. They should trust you.

       #1 is easily conveyed. The hard part is to get people to stay with you from there to #2. Your customer base might end up as half a dozen retired fascists and a hunchback called Igor.   

       Apart from that, it's just demand aggregation, which is baked.
pertinax, Mar 27 2020

       I don't think a society can advance just because of greater service overhead complexity. There would be a perfect ratio of right system to supported functions.
wjt, Mar 27 2020

       Society is already too complicated for people with lesser decision making skills. Or ill people. Or people who cannot be bothered.   

       Getting customers for the economic abstraction would be difficult.
chronological, Mar 28 2020

       Is that a bad pitch?
chronological, Mar 28 2020

       Isn't this another tier (or is that tear) so more cost. Pay someone to pay the motor mower man. Unless the managing company are also investing or buying someone to invest your finances, to make a profit, to take a cut and subsidize all the other works.   

       It will still be down to if you can afford the service and will make gaps in society wider. Maybe everyone can have nano slices of all the companies in the investment markets so no one has a major relative loss.
wjt, Mar 28 2020


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