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Film previews which match the rating of the film you're watching

"This is a [x+y] preview for an [x] film"
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Brief explanation, as this idea may be UK-centric: In the UK when you go and see a film (movie) at the cinema, before each of the previews for other films they tell you what the age rating of the preview is and the age rating of the film it's a preview for - so there might be a message on the screen which says, for example, "This is a PG preview for a 12A film".

My idea is this - they should make specially rated previews for films to be shown with films of that rating. So, if you've paid your money to see an "18" film then the previews should all be "18" rated and not waste your time with something lacking in sufficient sex and violence. For films which are not already "18" rated, film-makers might have to make special scenes which are not in the released version, but this would only make the watching of previews - currently a rather dull exprience - more interesting. How else would you get to see the explicit sex scenes in "Pirates of the Caribbean", or the lions from "Madagascar" tucking into the other animals?
hippo, Nov 19 2006

Sony's fake critic http://news.bbc.co....nt/film/4741259.stm
keywords: 'bare', 'faced' and 'cheek' [imaginality, Nov 20 2006]

Nymphomaniac trailer accidentally shown to Florida children http://www.theguard...cidentally-children
Cinema screens promo for Lars von Trier's explicit film before showing of Disney hit Frozen [hippo, Dec 05 2013]


       +, but mainly because you played the explicit sex scenes card on a teenager.
Germanicus, Nov 19 2006

       Lions tucking into other animals isn't really R18, unless by "tucking in" you mean explicit sex.
Texticle, Nov 19 2006

       I like that. "So there I was, she and I were 'tucking in', if you know what I mean...   

       One thing I've noticed with previews is that they seem to try to match up the kind of movie you are watching with the previews. So if the previews are really bad, then I start getting worried that the movie is going to be bad. Usually, I'm right.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 20 2006

       I can definitely believe that, [NTSS]. It's not hard to imagine the marketers in a meeting:   

       "Look guys, let's face facts. This is a stinker of a movie. How are we gonna convince anyone to see it?"   

       "Maybe if we shove all the exciting bits into the trailer?"   

       "We're already doing that, but look, you know as well as I do it'll still look like a heap of elephant vomit at best."   

       "Yeah, true... well, we could make up some fake reviews."   

       "No, since Sony got caught doing it people are checking for that. It's too risky."   

       "Well, then we're stuffed. Unless..."   

       "Unless what?"   

       "Unless we can aim all our marketing at dumb people. People with absolutely no taste in movies, people who'll watch any old crap. I bet we could get some of them to come and watch our movie."   

       "I like it! But how do we find them? Dumb people come in all ages and sizes... we need to make sure we target our advertising specifically at them."   

       "Well... I see 'The Santa Clause 3' is coming out soon..."
imaginality, Nov 20 2006

       [imaginality] - I like that: a whole subculture of dumb movies which are only marketed to and therefore only known about by people who already go and see dumb movies. Occasionally a dumb-moviegoer will invite a friend to view a dumb movie with them and another person is sucked into the self-perpetuating vortex of banality.
hippo, Nov 20 2006

       For some reason, I read this as "Film *reviews* which match the rating of the film you're watching ", and I was thinking how it would look for Noddy:   

       "Once upon a time, I watched the Noddy film. I liked Noddy, but Noddy was a bad boy. Bad Noddy! He should be a good boy. Noddy learnt a lesson, and then he was good, and they all lived happily ever after. The end."
Ling, Nov 20 2006

       [+] Love it - but wouldn't the vast majority of full-length films turn out to be massive disappointments, having watched the trailers before an 18-rated film?   

       "You know, I can't help feeling that 'Cutey Happy Tree-Friends: The Sequel' looked a lot more exciting in the trailer..."
Mr Phase, Nov 20 2006

       //the self-perpetuating vortex of banality//
Doesn't this pretty much sum up the current state of widely distributed films? I watched Taxi Driver yesterday and was saddened to realise that it is hugely unlikely that I would hear of any modern film of such perfection. However, I have probably seen a fair proportion of Borat from trailers alone.
stilgar, Nov 21 2006

       //Lions tucking into other animals isn't really R18, unless by "tucking in" you mean explicit sex//   

       Don't you think it's a shame that we think violence is more aceptable for young adults than sex?   

       I think they've got it the wrong way around. a 14 or 15 year old seeing sex scenes is not going to do them any harm and probably won't tell them anything they don't know already. However, extreme, graphical violence might. Our priorities are skewed on this one.
webfishrune, Nov 21 2006

       [webfishrune] you're on to something there - it is funny how society is so keen to obfuscate the notion of the human animal, camouflaging it instead behind clothes, morality and principles - all of which are of course, complete fabrications.
zen_tom, Nov 21 2006

       Careful, [webfishrune]. I voiced an opinion similar to that somewhere else on the bakery and drew an attack from some far right psuedo christian sort. Make certain your armor is nearby.
normzone, Nov 21 2006

       [Webfishrune], it doesn't take some far- right guy to find criticism with what you just said, just somebody with a daughter. If I had a son instead of a daughter I would be less worried.With girls there is pregnancy and possibly adoption and (oh my) possibly abortion.   

       Americans (i'm american) have many complex problems but basically, many of them are just brats who don't take rejection or "no" very well. (I thought this idea was: you could only show previews for movies with a rating equivalent or less then the movie being shown. I would go for that)
twitch, Nov 21 2006

       That already happens, at least in the UK.
Mr Phase, Nov 21 2006

       In American theaters, there is a similar problem (If I understand it correctly, and if it really is a problem) in that the trailers for films include only G-rated footage, no matter what the rating of the film.   

       I have however discovered that on very bad movies from small companies (For bizzare reasons, I felt the need to get a certain no-name version of War of the Worlds) the trailers are rated R, and feature rated R scenes of sex and violence. Of course, this sounds somewhat like that vortex of banality you were talking about...
ye_river_xiv, Nov 22 2006

       // In American theaters, there is a similar problem (If I understand it correctly, and if it really is a problem) in that the trailers for films include only G-rated footage, no matter what the rating of the film. //   

       There are some R-rated trailers; the opening slide is red instead of green. I suspect many theaters assemble trailer reels without particular regard for what films the trailers precede. Having all the trailers be suitable for all audiences minimizes the consequences of mistakes.
supercat, Nov 22 2006

       I like both hippo & Ling's ideas.   

       And, to answer twitch's response to Webfishrune with a question of my own. Are you saying then, twitch, that you would rather that your daughter was killed & eaten by wild animals than that she accidentally got pregnant?
DrBob, Nov 23 2006

       Baked. Years ago I went to an R-rated film and they had a preview for another R rated sex adventure, some swords/magic story about twin girls, and this preview showed their boobs, etc. Part of the reason it's not done is marketing. With all audiences, you get the max. viewers. Also, if you show all the good (naughty) bits then why bother paying to see them again?
the great unknown, Aug 23 2007

       [the great unknown] - not baked - have you ever seen an 'R' trailer for a '12' film?
hippo, Aug 23 2007

       Also, the idea of adding other rated scenes in the preview that will not be in the film is dissapointing. I recall being drawn to a movie because the trailer had this great scene, but in the end it was cut. Adding scenes just for the trailer adds more $$ to production cost. Also the actors, etc. may not want to do any resque shoots.
the great unknown, Aug 24 2007

       Um, they do that already.
simonj, Aug 13 2008


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