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Gold, Platinum and Diamond-Certified Movies

Same thing as CDs
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You know how artists are rewarded for good record sales with Gold (500,000 US copies, 50,000 Canadian copies sold), Platinum (1,000,000 US and 100,000 CAN) and Diamond (10,000,000 US and 1,000,000 CAN) certified albums? Well, why not reward movies the same way? The directors, writers and main cast members could get a plaque with either a VHS tape or DVD that is plated accordingly. Instead of sales, these could be based on gross. Say, $5 million US is Gold, $10 million is Platinum and $100 million is diamond.

"Titanic" (1997) grossed a little over 600,000,000$ US, thus being certified "hextuple-diamond" or 6-times Diamond. Plaques will be awarded to Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and James Cameron.

"UHF" (1988) grossed a lttle over 5 million $ US, thus being cerified "Gold". Plaques woul be awarded to Jay Levey, Al Yankovic, Michael Richards and Victoria Jackson.

No more than 5 plaques can be awarded per movie.

HomerX, Oct 15 2002

Less Than Zero http://www.hollywoo...m/Law/Hart/columns/
Studio Accounting Practices in Hollywood [thumbwax, Oct 15 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       You forgot the phrase "...corrected for inflation...". Better yet, base it on tickets sold not gross revenues. Titanic made $600,000,000 because tickets cost $9 today. It would have only made $17,000,000 if tickets cost $.25.
phoenix, Oct 15 2002

       Why not just have it based on tickets sold?
[ sctld ], Oct 15 2002

       Good thing it's based on Gross - see link
thumbwax, Oct 15 2002


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