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Filthy A&P Textbook

Too much information
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If you're anything like me, and let's face it, you aren't, you are into incredibly strange sex. If you're nothing like me, you might still take a prurient interest in the sex lives of us perverts. If you're anything like me in a different way, and some of you are, you have probably spent years of your life having to memorise the details of the deep and superficial fascia, the veins supplying the colon, the actions of different neurotransmitters and so forth.

There are a wide number of rather puerile dirty mnemonics used to remember various medical details. Googling will doubtless return many of these. They certainly appear to work. However, there is also this (see link).

Given the Byzantine complexity of human sexuality indicated by the linked map, it's very likely that most aspects of anatomy and physiology, or for that matter pathology, are in one way or another relevant to it. For example:

Macrophilia - How tall can a human being realistically be without having to have elephantine proportions?

Classic S&M - How strong can the current and voltage safely be? Where should the electrodes be attached?

Erotic asphyxiation - Effects of hypercapnia on penile vasodilation.

Multiple breasts - The "nipple line", i.e. possible locations.

And so forth. I'm sure this would be very memorable, and it could be designed to wipe clean too.

nineteenthly, Jun 11 2008

A map of human sexual desire http://bp2.blogger....s1600-h/map06sm.jpg
All us lonely people [nineteenthly, Jun 11 2008]

I am here http://i122.photobu...ly/pervydesktop.png
Note the area indicated by the red arrow [nineteenthly, Jun 13 2008]

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       One would be in my library. [+]   

       <Slightly off topic> Me and my girlfriend have both taken A&P. Our "pillow-talk" can be quite clinical, when we are both feeling nerdy.
MikeD, Jun 11 2008

       I have had the disturbing experience of imagining what was under my hand on various levels when i was touching someone affectionately. It was not a good thing.
nineteenthly, Jun 11 2008

       I'm afraid to try the link... yet, I'm also afraid not to.
ye_river_xiv, Jun 11 2008

       That linked picture should have a "You Are Here" sign on it - I bet that would freak out the people who actually have that paraphilia.
phundug, Jun 11 2008

       agree, phunduggy   

       and show up on google earth?
po, Jun 11 2008

       Thanks, [phundug]. I now have a picture on the hard drive with a big red arrow on it which i'm tempted to post.   

       Something i've always wondered. People come out as gay. Are you supposed to come out as something else as well? As a gerbil person? As a furry?
nineteenthly, Jun 11 2008

       <must not set as background>
<must not set as background>
<must not set as background>
<must not set as background>...

       That's not really a map, is it? I mean, it doesn't convey any more information than a list - it's just dressed up to look as if it does.
pertinax, Jun 12 2008

       or a foodstore chain
FlyingToaster, Jun 13 2008

       It is a map, because a particular proclivity borders on several others most of the time, and they in turn border on each other. It might not be accurate. Maybe it would work better in a higher number of dimensions.
nineteenthly, Jun 13 2008

       Maybe it would work better if you painted it on someone's body in a variety of coloured food products ?
8th of 7, Jun 13 2008

       If i could bun an annotation, i would place a croissant in a strategic place, [eighth].
nineteenthly, Jun 13 2008

       <have set as background>   

       See link. A peculiarly appropriate application was used for this image.
nineteenthly, Jun 13 2008

       Much TMI, and the links still work after 12 years.
whatrock, Jun 04 2020


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