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Fine Internet Auditorium Card Holder

Stupid old ladies like mail so why not send greeting cards that are somehow connected to the internet or something for her.
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SO basically the internet is like a thing, right. Then put a little greeting card stand in front of your monitor with head shaped cards. Maybe make them extra personal by having exact height, and sometimes even adjoining best-friends in some cases. Cases include portrait stand, cards, and a picture of a movie theater, a copy of society of the spectacle, spectacles, etc.

Send the cards to people you want to look at stuff you put on the internet with a URL or a scan code or something. Then put them in your head rack, and enjoy the Internet experience with everyone you loved that Christmas.

rcarty, Dec 06 2014


       So, customized QR's on Christmas cards ...?
8th of 7, Dec 06 2014

       Someone already thought of that.
rcarty, Dec 06 2014

       You're dopple-ganging to a small degree. Logia level is like fears of things plus justifications for doing it, logic level is if it is a factual thing you are saying which relates to other logia. Ultimately interpreting what he is thinking is saying what youre thinking, but sort of attemping to produce mass.
rcarty, Dec 07 2014

       I was thinking about how some fucking word on a screen was thinking. 2girls one cup all i have to say.
rcarty, Dec 07 2014


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