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fact crunchers

For any set of people that want other people to act, any action on a set of facts, should state the sector/group or person calling the action
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Facts are just points in a volume of continual action.

A course of action is a path out from the facts into the future. If a set of people call for others to act, the facts seen as significant, and a known label on that set should be stated. I suppose this is try at cementing the asker/tasker to record of by making blatantly obvious tag.

we the journalists see it this way, we the scientists see it this way. we the government see it this way, but this political party sees it as this.

The actions source should be intrinsically known but it seems sometimes it is more intellectually obscured or implied.

It's your informed personal choice. That is what freedom is because one persons ascent is another's downfall. Circumstance is everything.

wjt, Feb 09 2022


       Scenario: a publication publishes a call to action. The call to action is based on a press release issued by a government. The government is acting under pressure from an industry lobby. The lobbyists are acting on directions from their customers' boards of directors. The directors are under pressure from their shareholders. The shareholders are responding to changes in a market made up of customers. The customers are being influenced by celebrities. The celebrities are under the influence of recreational drugs.   

       NB; at each stage in this chain, some information is lost, or added, or both.   

       So, which set of people has originated this call to action, and how should it be tagged?
pertinax, Feb 09 2022

       Keep reading this as fat crunchers.
xenzag, Feb 09 2022

       Idea not found
Voice, Feb 09 2022

       Probably as usual, no idea but I don't think we are taught to register where, what we are saying is truly coming from. This is a question of public awareness and general information savvy. Tagging facts better for public up skill.   

       [pertinax] Hearing for a nebulous ground swell call to action and hearing that a publication is backing the call for action is two different things. The Publication is putting their name/company to the call. The reporter's name goes against the reporters choice of facts and statements, which is an opinion.   

       I suppose the only way to make a full and true informed decision is to see a situation for what it is by seeing all the facts in the set. This isn't possible as facts can be actively hidden or are not even realized yet in time. Best one can to do muddle through on partial sets.   

       A call for action is always going to be an ask else it's going to be an increasing drain in system design, energy and resources.   

       How far does a society go to stop people hurting themselves?
wjt, Feb 12 2022

       // fact crunchers //   

       A module for AI programs designed not to process data but to separate complex facts into sub-components for further processing, and to discover hidden assumptions Eg: You can order pizza until 8:00-->there exists a place that can be called. Upon calling Place you can order pizza. This place is open until 8:00. (It is not open after 8:00?) (Using the common definition of pizza?) (Using the phone number at Reference?)
Voice, Feb 13 2022

       //I don't think we are taught to register where, what we are saying is truly coming from//   

       Aren't we? It's pretty normal for high- school history teaching to cover source criticism at some level. Does that not cover it?
pertinax, Feb 13 2022

       And yet we get people that are not highly magnetic, trying to stick things to themselves.   

       [Voice] Nice, would work in schools too.
wjt, Feb 24 2022

       Well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't stop it from trying to stick things to itself. At least, I assume you can't. I've never tried.
pertinax, Feb 24 2022


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