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Fine wine aerosol spray

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This idea is for an aerosol spray delivery mechanism for fine wines. The fine mist of wine droplets entering your mouth will have a maximal surface area and thus maximum exposure to oxygen (in case you habitually forget to decant the bottle before drinking). Volatile compounds will also have maximum opportunity to evaporate and enter your nose.

It'll also make any meal you serve your guests 'Spravy' (cf.) at seem more consistent.

Could be popular with very refined graffiti artists.
hippo, Apr 18 2005

Alcohol Without Liquid http://www.awolmachine.com/page-2.htm
related, I suppose. [calum, Apr 18 2005]

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       Actually, it could be popular with very refined sauté artists.
bristolz, Apr 18 2005

       Hmmm. Interesting. My first concern would be the chance of over-oxygenating the wine thereby oxidising some of the rather pleasant components to those reminiscent of vinegar (think what happens when you leave a bottle of wine open for a few days - not that it happens too often in the [hazel-jtg] household). My second concern is that you risk volatilising the aroma volatiles before they reach your mouth thereby losing them to the air.   

       However, I'm more than willing to set up a complex scientific experiment to investigate these points and report back, if you'll provide the raw materials.
hazel, Apr 18 2005

       Actually, it could be popular with very refined sauté piss-artists. hic!
po, Apr 18 2005

       They make an olive oil myst-er. Would be interested to see if this works for your purpose & what results would be.
Zimmy, Apr 18 2005

       1. I can see this being popular with wine tasters, who could approach a row of bottles each mounted with an atomizer.   

       2. One could deliver the wine directly into the nose this way.   

       3. Wines such as "Night Train" and "Mad Dog 20/20" which some find unpalatable because of their high alcohol content might be easier to enjoy by this method.
bungston, Apr 18 2005

       The aroma of the wine (which is half of the taste) won't be easily sampled if the wine is an aerosol. In order to smell something it needs to be volatilised ie as a gas not a droplet of water. I suspect it would actually prevent you from getting the best of the aroma so I'm not sure wine tasters would go for it.   

       It would allow the wine to fully aerate - good if you've got a dull wine that needs livening up but potentially bad for a wine that drinks well as it is. Not all wines need decanting.
hazel, Apr 18 2005

       Fine droplets have lots of surface area for votiles to evaporate from, hazel.
my-nep, Apr 18 2005

       But if they evaporate outside your nose you don't really get to experience them so much.
hazel, Apr 18 2005


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