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Fingernail Casserole

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From the makers of gag foods such as Feces Pieces and Rat's Milk Cheese comes a real hum-dinger! Fingernail Casserole.
Everything's in the bag! Just add breadcrumbs, water, bake and serve!
This one's especially for moms out there who come home after a hard day at the office and still find time to make a delicious tuna casserole for dinner, only to have the family complain "this tastes like crap" yet again.
Teach the little buggers a lesson with Fingernail Casserole. Made with a half pound of sun-dried finger and toenail clippings, seasoning salt, lentils, dried egg noodles and cream of tartar, Fingernail Casserole will serve them right!
Just heat and eat! They'll never complain about your cooking again when they get a mouthfull of delightfully raunchy human nail clippings. Some are nice and white, others are slightly blackened from decades of use and still others are yellow and slightly piquante flavored thanks to ringworm and other fungal infections, but all are guarenteed to be 100% real nail clippings.
Disclaimer: Due to the packing process, consumer should be aware some packages could include bits of corns, callouses and bunyons. These in no way affect the safety, flavor or quality of the product.
rcornell, Mar 10 2001




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