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F- Hiccups

The candy that can cause serious hiccups.
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This is a candy that causes hiccups. Actually it doesn't but it says it does on the package along with a picture of a cartoon face biting his lower lip with reflective teeth. F-Hiccups is for everyone who hates hiccups, but admit they are inevitable. Simply pop F-Hiccups into your mouth in the right situation and turn your fuck ups into a meaningful message that only a report reader will be able to understand and explain the next shift. The stop I can't breath saver.

Order a case of F-hiccups now.

rcarty, Dec 12 2014


       I like it when I get hiccups. I figured out when I was little how to turn off my hiccups and strangely it has nothing to do with the diaphragm at all and everything to do with focussing on and calming this tiny spot somewhere around the epiglottis area.   

       A hiccup cure gum might be a winner.
Hic-on! Apply directly to the hiccup...


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