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exploding krembos among normal ones
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krembos are sold in packs of at least 8, one or two of them explode shortly after picked out of the box - utilizing miniature explosives.

makes for hilarious party experiences even when you now that there are dangerous ones.

erlehmann, Jan 09 2008

a krembo http://commons.wiki...age:Schokokuss2.jpg
often called something in other languages that could literally be translated as "nigger kiss" [erlehmann, Jan 09 2008]


       Hilariously funny though this party experience would be, I think you need to explain how it would work.   

       You also need to research the function of the 'Shift' key. Only [po] has a licence to affect by eschewing capitalization.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 09 2008

       For the past 30 min. I have been formulating a response to your anno on the vectorcamera idea. This drivel has at least released me from any duty I may have had to a sane individual. I will still post my annotation, but now with the empty feeling that it not only falls of deaf ears, but ears that will not hear.
4whom, Jan 09 2008


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