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Fiberglass Cotton Candy

Gag food item resembling the popular, fluffy, pink sugar on a stick.
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Now available from the makers of Rat's Milk Cheese and Feces Pieces, comes Fiberglass Cotton Candy!!
Did you ever look at pink fiberglass insulation as a kid and think, "Wow! I sure wish that was cotton candy, cause I bet I could eat the whole roll!!"
Hold on junior, that stuff is made out of tiny glass fibers that will make you itch and burn for days if you get it on you!
Well, now we've gone and packaged that crazy pink stuff just like cotton candy, complete with that paper cone it's always stuck to when you buy it at the circus.
Hand it out to local kids and adults alike for $1.00 a pop and just sit back and laugh!!
It will take two or three bites before they realize it has no taste and is, in fact, nothing but irritating glass fibers they've been chomping on!
By that time, their lips, tongue, mouth and throat will be itching, burning and hurting like the dickens because those glass fibers have penetrated and stuck!!
A wacky, silly time is sure to be had by all!!
rcornell, Mar 10 2001


       Another sick idea straight out of a Farrelly Brothers movie.
Sparki, Aug 13 2001


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