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Fingerpaint Bubble Wrap

Pop, snap, and smush your way to fun!
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Everyone knows how bubble wrap is fun to pop! What if one were to take that big bubble wrap and while producing it, actually filling each bubble with paint? Then take small sections, roughly the size of an average piece of paper, slide them into heavy duty plastic pages and seal them. Make a book out of those pages and voila! Now we have hours of creative fun.
flamingcrackmonkey, Nov 05 2003


       Wait, I don't get it. What are the heavy duty plastic pages for again?
k_sra, Nov 05 2003

       So the paint bubbles, once popped would not dry? Thus creating a puffy page book (like children have) which, eventually, looks brown?   

       Am I right?   

       Generally I want to love this idea, but I don't like the thought of being separated from my paint bubbles.
k_sra, Nov 05 2003

       would the bubble wrap pop? personally thats the best part of the whole experience i need noise
kinkykelly101, Nov 06 2003

       There would be some air trapped between the plastic sheets, but would it be enough to dry the paint.   

       The heavy duty plastic pages are for keeping the paint inside. Yes it would still pop.. or it should. That's my favorite part too! Bubble wrap itself doesn't contain much air at all so I don't think that it would be enough to dry the paint out.
flamingcrackmonkey, Nov 11 2003

       Send me an order form before my credit card is declined...
janbest, Jun 06 2007


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