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Excitement Blade

Plane of blade surface reflects and magnifies visually compressed images in hilt.
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When looking at the reflection of the darkness behind you in the glint of this blade compressed images in the hilt travel down the length of the blade leaving the impression of phantasms.
rcarty, Nov 22 2014


pocmloc, Nov 22 2014

po, Nov 22 2014

       [+] Weird, but nice.
8th of 7, Nov 22 2014


       You skipped that part where you describe how this works.   

       At least it's not in other:general.
normzone, Nov 23 2014

       Two rollers inside a v shapped hilt collar reflect images allong the blade. Maybe bring back constructive annotations instead of just turning the rule dial
rcarty, Nov 23 2014

       Hallucinatory Blade > sign shield
rcarty, Nov 23 2014

       So it's like one of those optical illusions where you can't read the word until you rotate it away from you so you're staring at the edge of the page? Hmm. I guess if you laser projected a pattern on the blade from the hilt it could work, so I suppose some passive mechanism could be designed as well.   

       Unfortunately, my optomechanical engineering license expired last month and I haven't gotten around to renewing it yet, so it would be both illegal and a violation of professional ethics for me to speculate any further than that.
ytk, Nov 23 2014

       Law against making parody ideas in social commentary? Youre a reflection in the blade.
rcarty, Nov 23 2014

       A new meaning to sharp screen. Possibly a nearly invisible blade capability.
wjt, Nov 24 2014

       How about: The frame & edges are standard metal, with a hole/channel in the middle. In that space, put some of that fancy phone glass & you can hide your LCD display under that. It can show whatever content you want. Watch classic movie scenes from Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction on it while you go about trimming bushes.
sophocles, Nov 24 2014


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