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Floating Cinema Screen

Giant Inflatable screen to watch movies on the beach
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Beaches are nice aren't they, but after a while it can get a bit dull just staring out into the sea. But what if someone has brought their giant inflatable cinema screen and a big projector? You could watch the latest films while getting a splendid tan.

Imagine how cool it would be to watch Jaws or Deep Blue Sea while having a little paddle in the surf. Not getting the crowds you expect? Just tow it the next beach along the coast!

kingmikey, Apr 30 2009

Google early, google often http://www.blisstre...-inflatable-screen/
Baked. [coprocephalous, Apr 30 2009]

Initially I thought you meant like this: Night-time_20kite_20cinema
[theleopard, Apr 30 2009]


       What about the drowning people obscured behind the screen?
Aristotle, Apr 30 2009

       this is not a very good idea because of all the sun! one couldn't see the screen at all, that's why theatres are dark!
[-] anyway, the beach is a great place to *get away from it all* for me.
xandram, Apr 30 2009

       I once posted an idea to hang a cinema screen from the New London Lighthouse at night to show movies on.   

       It was poorly received as well. Sorry.
blissmiss, Apr 30 2009

       Thanks for advice to google, but I think you guys aren't thinking big enough . I said Giant, not some titchy back yard screen. I'm thinking hundreds of feet across so the whole beach can view, rather like a drive-in.
kingmikey, Apr 30 2009

       I think Dr.Curry mentioned (on my idea) planes and birds and such flying into it but I may be mistaken.
blissmiss, Apr 30 2009

       king mikey. Where do i start? Some people are allergic to plastic. It wont work in the day. People will shoot at it. No one will be able to agree on the movie. It will be used for corporate propaganda. Latent alien terrorist cells will mistake it for a trigger event from home base..   

       These are just sort of glaring problems I can see from the outset without really trying.
fishboner, Apr 30 2009

       Gets my vote for idea-inspiration. Welcome to the HB pal! [+]
theleopard, Apr 30 2009

       21quest, all it takes is one...just sayin' +
fishboner, Apr 30 2009

       Hey 21 Quest, When you said "I don't think simply taking something that exists and making it bigger constitutes an original invention", does this apply to an Apple iPad too?
kingmikey, Feb 02 2010

       This could be towed behind cruise ships, so the passengers could stand on the aft decks and watch movies after the sun goes down. If the ship sinks, the movie screen doubles as a massive life raft.
swimswim, Feb 02 2010


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