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Drawers with infrared sensors

Use infrared senseors for drawers to open automatically when you move your hand near to them
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This could be useful for modern-looking furniture manufacturers, and actually quite useful if you are lazy.
Inyuki, Jan 09 2010


       oh *that* sounds like fun in the dark. :D
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2010

       Well, maybe we'll need then to add visible light sensors to block that when there isn't sufficient amount of light.
Inyuki, Jan 09 2010

       So you would be locked out of your furniture at night?
pocmloc, Jan 09 2010

       Oh, indeed, there are situations when drawer needs to be opened at night in the darkness. Then maybe we'll need to hack it by adding a touch sensor to override it, but it becomes an advanced drawer:   

       1. Infrared sensor
2. Visible light sensor
3. Touch sensor

       ... perhaps as long as there are no cats in the room.
Inyuki, Jan 09 2010


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