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Donut Table

Everything in reach with a spin of your chair
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A donut shaped table with one opening, with a swivel chair in the center. You can have multiple computers, a printer, desk space, maybe even an eating space given the wide area from a table being all around you.
ripemango, Dec 18 2010

(?) Circular Desk http://www.office-s.../images/Astoria.jpg
Round table where you sit in the center. [Jscotty, Dec 18 2010]

http://www.cartoons...lowres/jfa1287l.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Dec 18 2010]


       Already baked. It's a very common piece of office furniture used in reception areas and the security kiosk in large buildings.
Jscotty, Dec 18 2010

       Welcome to the Halfbakery [ripemango]   

       [Jscotty] I thought the same, but every photo I found showed the circular workspace configured for more than one occupant. Moreover, what you describe doesn't function to put more desk space within reach -- its function is to allow the occupant to face on any azimuth. Different thing.   

       This idea would be useful for paraplegics, and where space was limited. Otherwise, even for those who don't *want* to interrupt work for gossip at the water cooler, or to get a snack from the 'fridge, etc. (an eccentric minority, I contend) the idea offers limited improvement over simply scooting around on a wheeled chair, to different parts of a conventionally shaped table.   

       And don't do it for a formal dinner:   

       "His final feat of placement -- he was dealing with central European Politburo members of equal rank -- was to have the Embassy dining-table cut in half and a half-moon scooped out of each end. When it was fitted together again there was a hole in the middle for H.E. to sit in while his guests sat round the outer circle. Polk-Mowbray was furious." --Durrell, _Sketches from Diplomatic Life_
mouseposture, Dec 18 2010

       We had these at primary school, though the kids tended to sit around the outside (I think the middle part might have been used to house paper and pens and stuff, but had long since gotten lost)   

       Our teacher used the holes to get children to stand in through the course of a lesson if they behaved badly - a sort of child-pillory where they'd have to endure the flicked rubbers and chewed up bits of paper spat through the barrels of defunct felt-tipped pens from their peers.
zen_tom, Dec 21 2010

       Office Davros.
calum, Dec 21 2010


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