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Fire fighter robot
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This is honeslty a kinda boring completely possible robot and I'm sorry I'm posting this. Here I go anyway... essentially this would be a robot that when smoke is detected a physical lens cap would pop off revealing a camera. This would send the live video from the home with smoke detected to a monitoring service. This service would then operate the robot to extinguish the fire. This robot would be about the size of a roomba and be equipped with and ABC powder fire extinguisher and a grease fire extinguisher. Both these extinguishers would be amiable and controlled by the monitor service.

The lens cap stays on in till a fire to prevent the thing from being hacked and broadcasting video

evilpenguin, Dec 20 2022

Fire Fighter Robot With Night Vision Camera https://nevonprojec...ight-vision-camera/
[a1, Dec 20 2022]


       //Both these extinguishers would be amiable //   

       Marvin is horrified.   

pertinax, Dec 20 2022

       I like it. [+]
doctorremulac3, Dec 20 2022

       So this auto activating lense is unhackable?
Voice, Dec 20 2022

       // So this auto activating lense is unhackable?   

       It's controlled by a remote sensor connected by Bluetooth to your Alexa. When smoke is detected a decorative clown is triggered to scream orders at Alexa to remove the lens cap.
tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2022

       So this auto activating decorative clowne is unhackable?
a1, Dec 20 2022


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