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Escape Cap

Grow your neurons out of your skull.
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The cap would be a surgically bound equipment, with tubes inserted into the brain, and a mesh of artificial blood vessels, which circulate blood with neuro-trophic agent, to extend and grow neurons into the tubes, eventually reaching a broad compartment in the above cap.

The compartment would be modular and the tubes -- connectable wirelessly over the sections of the tube, so that when it's filled, the neurons can be attached to neural transponders at the sections of the tubes, to continue interact with the rest of the brain, and the new tubes can be drilled into the brain to continue the process with a new empty compartment.

The expected result is, that eventually, the surrounding mobile mass of the brain would constitute much larger than the original consciousness, making it less painful to lose it.

I suppose, something readily doable, because it doesn't require deep drilling into the brain. Probably reaching the surface of the brain would be enough.

Inyuki, Oct 29 2018

Yes, the brain is highly plastic https://www.newscie...ain-shocks-doctors/
[MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 29 2018]


       Absolutely. For too long have we been restricted by the too- slow-to-evolve cranial wall. Free the neurons from the conscious overlord!
RayfordSteele, Oct 29 2018

       Yet another posting which fills me with trepanation.   

       That was actually a respectable pun, [2fries]. Virtual {+} for the anno.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 29 2018

       That's why I pay my writers the big bucks.   

       // Probably reaching the surface of the brain would be enough. //   

       You never know until you try ... you first.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2018

       Right... No try no buns. One more thing, I wonder, what is the plasticity of neural tissue -- if the ever so slight vaccum is created in the cap, will it, over a period of, say, a year, make the tissue leak into such cap?
Inyuki, Oct 29 2018

       Yes, it probably would. You could achieve the same result, probably, by applying a slight overpressure to the brain's ventricles. Of course, it would be very important to keep the holes patent, otherwise the brain tissue would simply be compressed into a thinner layer within the skull <link>.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 29 2018

caspian, Oct 30 2018


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