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Want to know true nature of those working under you?
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A misplaced memo "accidentally" finds its way onto the desk of the biggest gossip in your office building.
The information contained in the leaked memo pertains to company cut-backs and states that no less than two people from each department need to be downsized, that an individual evaluator will be arriving to assess employee interactions and efficiency, and that a decision will be made in two weeks time as to who stays and who goes.
Three days later, (should be long enough for the rumor to spread like wildfire), a new intern shows up completely unaware of said memo and unlikely to learn of its existence.
Said intern is given a specially designed company manual which is equipped with remote sound and video recording equipment fed directly to your lap top, and they are told to have it on them at all times while on the premises as a reference guide.

Now where's that bowl of popcorn?

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       My god i am glad to be self employed. Does anyone at long last have a shred of dignity or respect for the feelings of their fellow man? If you look down and laugh while you pee on those below you don't be surprised by the strange color of the rain.
WcW, Aug 21 2008

       //My god i am glad to be self employed//   


       I did something similar to a former manager, actually. He liked to screw with people just because he could, would complain about anything and everything, and was just a general PITA. One day when he was snooping through the stack of recently printed documents, he came across something he didn't like and started bitching about it to the person who wrote it.   

       So I wrote up a nice little job ad for his position and printed it out to the community printer, then just waited for him to go snooping. Sure enough he found it, and for the next couple of weeks it was like he was walking on eggshells.
Capt Skinny, Aug 21 2008

       I like it, [Capt Skinny]. I may play with that idea.
normzone, Aug 21 2008

       I had a similar thought, [rcarty], though I was expecting it to be a management technique for particularly callous managers to keep employees on edge - regularly reminding them of their job insecurity by seeing how quickly they can clear their desks and leave.   

       "It took some of you up to 12 minutes to vacate the premises in this week's fired drill - that's simply not good enough! If and when we sack you, we want your sorry asses out of the building in five minutes or less! Now get back to work!"
imaginality, Aug 22 2008

       WcW why are you glad you're self employed?
EvilPickels, Aug 22 2008


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