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Collected Solely by Robots!

Collected Solely by Humans!
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Now that organic has been done to death, gluten free, and carbon neutral have been exploited to the fullest, it's time to take advantage of the latest social upheavals and their impact on the labor market in placing product.

Collected Solely by Robots! will test the attractiveness of fruits and vegetables efficiently collected without the back breaking exploitation of seasonal pickers

Collected Solely by Humans! will test the attractiveness of fruits and vegetables lovingly collected by hand in this age of heartless machines.

theircompetitor, Feb 20 2019

How about them apples https://www.realcle...farming_103628.html
[theircompetitor, Feb 20 2019]

Autonomous Combine Harvester https://www.markets...er-in-Dec-26776074/
They're coming... [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 20 2019]

A homage to Jean-Jacques Rousseau? https://www.youtube...watch?v=o-0lAhnoDlU
[Skewed, Feb 20 2019]

Time to replace people harvesting food with better machines https://www.theatla...t-your-food/254853/
Although the article has lots of propaganda it says that around 2012 "nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25 percent of our crops" " [beanangel, Mar 07 2019]

A charity that gives global children the fun and growth of reading for $2 a book https://bookaid.org/
[beanangel, Mar 15 2019]


       I called the same thing Mechatarian. I think it could really benefit people.
beanangel, Feb 20 2019

       MS found in a bottle. Inside a piece of paper, dot-matrix printed..sadly damaged by sea water - only this sentence is legible "...have to prise the fruit/veggies from my cold, deactivated pincers...".
not_morrison_rm, Feb 20 2019

       This is a great idea if it's actually done for real. Your tag line:   

       "No Humans Were Exploited In The The Harvesting Of This Fruit"   

       Then say "20% of the money saved by this process is donated to causes that help the human condition." Then list a bunch of humanitarian charities.
doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2019

       Alternatively "No Humans Were Given Employment In The The Harvesting Of This Fruit". Then "20% of the money saved by this process is donated to unemployed fruit pickers."
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2019

       //This is a great idea if it's actually done for real// [market- for-tagline]
theircompetitor, Feb 20 2019

       It's going to happen anyway [MB].   

       Low paid work that doesn't offer a wage anyone could survive on that attracts fewer & fewer takers.. tick.   

       Seasonal (or other non-permanent occasional or temporary work) forcing staff to seek other work in down periods that they won't leave for a temporary job next season.. tick.   

       Simple repetitive work suitable for automation.. tick.   

       The conditions to drive automation in this area are all there.   

       But if you're being honest [their] it's not so much an "idea" as an observation of existing trends over the past century or more isn't it.   

       From hand harvesting of grains employing half a village during harvest to combine harvesters employing a single guy to drive the thing.   

       And now we have self driving cars, pop the tech for that into a combine & we're there already.. they may not really be ready to be trusted on roads yet but they look pretty damn ready to be trusted in a field with no people in it to me.   

       The only reason there's not as much automation for soft fruits (& some softish veg) has been because we haven't been able to develop machines capable of handling soft- fruit with acceptably low levels of bruising (& thus wastage) & I think with "AI" (still don't like that phrase, not for what it actually is, but it's the one the industry uses) etc that we're pretty much there now.
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       //God does not play dice with the universe: -- Einstein// //God does not play nice with the universe: -- theircompetitor//   

       Just read your profile, got another one for you.   

       "God does not play with the universe: -- Skewed", can you guess why? ;p
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       //combine harvesters employing a single guy to drive//
Not even that, now... (linky)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 20 2019

       //But if you're being honest [their] it's not so much an "idea" as an observation of existing trends//   

       Aha! a reread & I realize the idea is about marketing & (perhaps?) the social acceptance of machine picked fruit.   

       I retract the previous comment & by way of apology offer a bun, not sure it's entirely original though?
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       //it's a rich people thing// in the current political climate I'd like to be known as merely comfortable.
theircompetitor, Feb 20 2019

       A rephrasing of "eat the rich" to homogenize it with this idea might be "Rich people meat! guaranteed 100% harvested from rich people!"   

       Your preference is understood, I can see that being popular in some circles.
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       Combines have been self-driving for a good while now. They need some help dealing with rocks and turning around for another pass sometimes, but other than that, its largely a passive ride.
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2019

       I once saw an image of one person-driven grain harvesting machine orchestrating an entire rob of robot harvesters.   

       I just read "nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25 percent of our [US] crops" with numbers from 2012.
beanangel, Mar 07 2019

       I was thinking about giving up all fruit and vegetables harvested by children and then thought something similar to:   

       Ok, so picking a fruit after a long day might feel below feeling neutral. What if you could make a child feel above neutral for a minute per picked fruit? That way for every fruit I eat children might spend 5 times as much time actually having fun as well as growing their capability through reading. At the Book Aid charity [link] they tell me they can give a child a book for 2 British Pounds, so If I eat one fruit a day, those 30 fruits a month have an equivalence of 3 children's books a month, or 6 Pounds a month. So for 6 pounds a month the children have a great time and I get to eat whatever I want, possibly even living longer from keeping fruit and vegetables in my diet.
beanangel, Mar 16 2019


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