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Fireworks Of (Potential) Euthanasia

Go out with a bang
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With the rapid rise of "XTREME" sports and the systematic throttling of legitimate methods of self-initiated removal from the rat race, UBCo has developed a method that falls into the grey area between personal gratification and personal vaporisation.

The willing "sportsperson" waits until a suitable public holiday and is then strapped to a gigantic firework and launched into the night sky at an appropriately joyous moment.

Given a ripcord to pull and a parachute to deliver oneself gently back to Earth in the event of changing one's mind, the deliberately or accidentally tardy participant goes out in a blaze of glory and a cloud of pink mist. (Sparkles optional)

Sic Transit Gloria!

UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014


       [+] Magnificent.   

       The only way this could be improved is if it were possible to nominate individuals to undergo it.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2014

       I've already put you down as our first test pilot, on the strength of a bet I made myself that you'd be first to comment on the idea.
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014

       Are we really that predictable ?
8th of 7, Jan 24 2014

       Sadly, yes. All the Earth is a stage and we must recite our lines.
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014

       + We can have the Kevorkian Carnival where many people can go at the same time.
xandram, Jan 24 2014

       Janus will be pleased, the two-faced bastard.
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014

       There's not enough opportunity to spectacularly die. It is concievably quite an important event when everyone dives unconscious into an eternal vastness of supposed nothingness with only the faintest hope that life will reoccur for any of us. It seems something to not take lying down. Bun for this idea.
rcarty, Jan 24 2014

       I have to say this did seem a bit Borg-ish, I'd go for breach of copyright...
not_morrison_rm, Jan 24 2014

       I saw a little of it in the 70s. Is this somehow similar?
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014

       "I'm singing and dancing in the pink rain of dead people." Fred A.
popbottle, Jan 24 2014

       Mix with some copper sulphate, for purple rain.
UnaBubba, Jan 24 2014

       Hmm, someone even more boring than me will sit down and work out percentage of activities in Logan's Run...I'm guessing that it should be called "Logan's Standing Up".
not_morrison_rm, Jan 25 2014

       I want to end with a bang. Just not quite like this one. Have a bun anyway for providing the option.
AusCan531, Jan 25 2014

       Oh... Sorry, I think I saw maybe one and a half episodes.
UnaBubba, Jan 25 2014

       The fillum. go watch the fillum...that Jenny Agutter...   

       Ok, I'm changing that to "Logan's (standing around explaining the plot to each other, with a bit of ) running.."
not_morrison_rm, Jan 25 2014

       So beautiful in the night sky. +
blissmiss, Jan 25 2014


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