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From Dust to Thrust

Wet spinning for partial immortality.
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The questions are; how much can you take with you, and who?

The human body is 18.5% carbon, much of this in bones; the remainder exists in your softer tissues, including your blood; where the finest of carbon resides. To get it out of these tissues, the process for carbonization is split in up to three ways; soft tissue, bones, and blood.

The predominant method is the fine anaerobic carbonization of bones at around 600C for 12 hours which can generate an ash or char of which about 10% is carbon, and about 80% calcium phosphates, with the remainder being calcium carbonate, nitrogen, ammonia, an unfortunate amount of flouride, and other extras. A 100kg person, having 15kg of bones, would produce a yield of bone char around 50%; this 7.5kg of bone char can be washed with a dilution of 3% hydrochloric acid to extract about 0.75 kg of carbon black..

Including dried blood and tissue into this processing could increase yields by a small percentage; this would be no more then 3% additional yield of carbon black in the best of instances. We will leave it at 0.75 kg or in clean British terms, 0.1181048 stones; this is about twenty five pebbles.

Then, utilizing the method described by Alfe, Gargluto, et all. a production of graphene-like thin film can be generated by the wet chemical method; i.e. suspension and self-assembly of oxidized carbon black in water, a two-step process popularized by that rogue of the laboratory, Kamegawa in his racy memoirs - 'A Scientist, A Broad'. In this process, carbon black is treated with hot nitric acid for 90 hours, following which it is reduced with hydrazine hydrate at 100C for 24 hours.

The result was insoluable in water and lays out in flat films, which are later dried to produce graphene flakelets, which weigh about 0.35kgs, or less then a stick of butter.

All of this malarky is due to the vast difficulties engendered by attempting to make either pitch or vinyl from humans.

At this stage, the flakelets are ready to be wet-spun. One flashy process is described by the hot headed Chao Gao and his erstwhile lover Zhen Xu, in a letter to the editor of Popular Science, entitled; "Graphene Fiber: a new trend in carbon fibers". This deals primarily with sprouted graphene fibers, to be clear.

Another approach is explored by a former car thief at the University of Wollongong; both of these methods produce fibers that have a tensile strength around 400 MPa, with a Youngs modulus of something five times that of human skin (you would expect ten times that, but we are talking criminals doing science)

When spun and woven into sheets, this can be embedded in resin and layered six or more times build a strong bicycle frame; a sort of artisanal, memorial Dassi, made from the memories and dust of your recently departed loved one(s).

Then, off to adventure; across the rolling hills and fruiting planes, on a super light and high performance vehicle; just you, your memories, and somebody you used to know.

mylodon, Oct 23 2017

" Now you're just somebody that I used to know .... " https://play.google...ampaignid=kp-lyrics
Third one down - (featuring Kimbra) [normzone, Oct 23 2017]

Mx-4926 http://www.cytec.com/products/mx-4926n
[mylodon, Oct 23 2017]

Ablative heat shield https://en.wikipedi..._protection_systems
Carbon is the most refractory material known, with a one-atmosphere sublimation temperature of 3825 °C for graphite. [8th of 7, Oct 23 2017]


       Good idea. As a person that thinks it's harder to believe or construct something to leap to after death than accepting the nothing, I would like the construction of my reused molecules to be simpatico with my deathly concepts.
wjt, Oct 23 2017

       // bicycle frame //   

       Airframe components, or an F1 car monocoque, would be better.
8th of 7, Oct 23 2017

       I bet Jeremy Bentham feels a bit silly now, realizing that he could have been a bike frame.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 23 2017

       If you extracted the malarkey, could you spin it into a free- standing story?
pertinax, Oct 23 2017

       Is there any carbon in the ablative heat shields of spacecraft?
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2017

       There can be.   

8th of 7, Oct 23 2017

       Cool, I can intermingle with the bits of space-junk and Christa Mcauliffe.
RayfordSteele, Oct 23 2017

       Too soon.
mylodon, Oct 23 2017

       Nature has been recycling biomass for billions of years. I don't see any reason why the type of recycling described here is better than what can naturally happen.   

       Also, I might mention that when I saw the title of this Idea, I thought it might have something to do with turning the power of a dust explosion into rocket exhaust. (But, no....)
Vernon, Oct 23 2017

       I had a friend who assembled his ex cat and put it in a glass case. It is not better or worse, merely different, then depositing it in a landfill. Human mourning and burial customs are markedly significant in any case; if the Egyptians were into water burials they would probably be only known for their cotton sheets. So I place this up there, at least, with the pyramids.
mylodon, Oct 23 2017

       They won't let me arrange to have my carcass air-lifted to the tundra and dropped from altitude to sustain the wolves, (something to do with CSI bills in the tens of thousands of dollars for stray skulls and such turning up later, I don't get it, but whatever), and Tibet is too far to travel for a decent sky burial so I've opted for immortality.   

It's really the only sane choice when you think about it.

       Somewhere, a disappointed wolf curses quietly in Hokkaido dislect.
pertinax, Oct 24 2017

       // dislect //   

       Are you suffering from dislectia by any chance ?
8th of 7, Oct 24 2017

       [2 fries] Sometimes the Law's bureaucracy is a bit restrictive, that's why there's a black market. Plus it stops a whole lot of people doing the same thing. >>> Bone tattooing.   

       But then again, it is not about the thing but the thing's shadow in higher dimensions?
wjt, Oct 24 2017


       I see what you mean; that's been two in one dsy. I must be sickenibg for something.
pertinax, Oct 24 2017

       Looks like atypical vowel atrophy ... you haven't been in contact with anyone welsh, have you ? It can be contagious in some circumstances, very nasty, no treatment available.
8th of 7, Oct 24 2017


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