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Hot Girl Consulting

Train and hire Hot Girls to consult on information technology
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The idea here is simple: People in IT will pay more to hire hot girls to do consulting for business. Therefore, a business could be formed entirely to embrace this fact - do for the IT industry what Hooters did for restaraunts.

Girls will be interviewed, rated, trained, given college tuition, and sent out to consult to companies, foreign and domestic, that need IT work done.

There will be a series of ratings systems, based on appearance of the consultant, kind of IT work, skill level, and experience. The IT staff will then go on short or long term commitments around the world to make money for the original investors.

Training will be handled somewhat normally, the business will start out looking for hot girls already in the industry, but will also recruit from high schools for people who could benefit from association with this company.

Legal issues have been handled - hooters (which has been sued before) will be the precedent here.

Plus, there will be full certification programs, so lower level executives can easily justify hiring a Hot Girl purely based on credentials, and the premium will be easily justified by "people skills".


grinch, Jul 07 2005

IT / engineers' imperviousness to hot girls http://www.successu...humour/engineer.htm
This idea reminded me of the classics "cool" & "good choice" [sophocles, Jul 07 2005]

Huh? Corp http://www.huhcorp.com/
From the "ideas" page: "Our female staff members are all hot, so, even if there's nothing to meet about, we'll sit and flirt with them, and charge you for the time." [Detly, Jul 08 2005]


       But aren't all pretty girls stupid?
wagster, Jul 07 2005

       Hm. When I did CS at uni, out of a class of one hundred and fifty souls, just four were obviously female. I suspect, my dear and darling grinch, that you may have a hard time recruiting staff.
calum, Jul 07 2005

       Thoroughly Baked. Most every company I have worked with or for on Wall Street has used hot girls (and boys) to manage customer relations and sell their services in the first place.
DrCurry, Jul 07 2005

       Ahem. Whose services are they selling [DrC]?   

       If the "Hot Girl" is hot enough would it really matter how competent the advice? I seem to recall many a plot from movies & TV where guys have overlooked what a woman said because they were too busy looking her over. An airhead with a diploma is still an airhead.   

       Perhaps you are approaching this in the wrong way. Why not seek out the competent women then give them a makeover to make them hot?   

       And [grinch], maybe you should use your "people skills" and amend this idea to "Hot Girl (or Guy) Consulting" so as to avoid the inevitable onslaught of annos about sexism and shallowness. Just a thought.
Canuck, Jul 07 2005

       Overbaked. To the point that when I see a very well groomed person in IT, I almost assume that they're just selling something.
sophocles, Jul 07 2005

       Concur - thoroughly and wholly baked; [DrCurry], don't forget Pharmaceutical representatives.   

       [Canuck]'s idea is pretty good re: makeover, but I would imagine that people who excel in their field would be offended at the prospect of prostituting themselves out to make the pill easier to swallow.
contracts, Jul 07 2005

       [El] - no, they are complete from the waist up.
wagster, Jul 07 2005

       You could call it IT-QT. (IT cutie)
Minimal, Jul 08 2005

       [DrCurry] Certainly this was baked in the small financial middleware company I worked for (If you know who I worked for you'll understand that traders used to change the 'B' in the company's name to a 'T'. Hilarious).
hippo, Jul 08 2005

       [wags] - I don't think I've met an intelligent girl who wasn't cute, but the others might just be smart(er) enough to avoid me.   

       I may delete this comment later, when my metabolism earns its keep.
Detly, Jul 08 2005

       [wagster] sp. waste -> waist
Minimal, Jul 08 2005

       [Minimal] - Thank ewe.   

       [Detly] - I might delete my first comment if anyone thinks I meant it...
wagster, Jul 08 2005

       I don't let anything above the waist go to waste.
Minimal, Jul 08 2005

       Personally, I think any girl gets +5 to her hotness attribute for being tech savvy.   

       I can just imagine the customer support lines becoming geek phone sex.
Massif, Jul 08 2005

       What do you mean? Customer service *is* geek phone sex.
DrCurry, Jul 09 2005

       "...and now you can use your NeXT box as a ser-"
"It's okay, I'm done now. [click]"
Detly, Jul 09 2005

       This was kind of tongue in cheek. But I'll bet someone will bake it and make it the primary company attribute.
grinch, Jul 13 2005

       I used to work somewhere where there was a "pro-active user support" group. Many of them were lovelies. One was called Liz. I well remember people asking for an afternoon of Liz and the next morning too.   

       They were quite sad though.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 13 2005


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