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First Person Soccer

I think it's all over...
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First Person Shooters are computer games where the player runs around, sporting various pieces of military hardware and shooting them at computer, or other human-controlled opponents.

A football based version allows the player to run around a pitch, dribbling, tackling, passing, fouling, shooting and scoring goals. Think "Call Of Duty", but with footballs.

Top-down and other 3rd person perspective games have been around for a while, but I'm yet to see a version that places the player directly into the field of action.

Teammates and opponents might be able to connect online to provide multiplayer experiences.

Modding the game might provide American, Australian and Rugby style play. Handguns (and Vuvuzelas) optional.

zen_tom, Jun 23 2010

It's first person football... http://www.gamepro....st-person-football/
But it's not football! [Jinbish, Jun 23 2010]


       There was one of these, way way back in the dim and distant (about 15 years ago). I remember an unfavourable review in PC Format. Maybe it was a French developer behind it. Will continue googling.
calum, Jun 23 2010

       This could be an online multiplayer game where every player is controlled by a real person. The concept could also e applied to larger-scale games where you control the whole team, like Madden. You could temporarily zoom into a single player's POV.   

       All in all, great idea. [+]
DrWorm, Jun 23 2010


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