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Frisbee Simulator

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I find it hard to practice my frisbee skills with no one to play with. Also, I don't have a very good place to play. So I propose a system where you attach recievers/transmiters to your hands and feet. Then you put on a helmet like in those army games you find in good arcades. the arms and legs you see on the display corrospond to the transmitters in your hands/feet. You throw a virtual frisbee.
the fiddler, Mar 14 2006


       Sounds like a great proof of concept, but wouldn't it be cheaper to by a big 'ol stack of Frisbees (if you look hard enough, you can get cheapo ones free...) and chuck them into a field somewhere?
roleohibachi, Mar 14 2006

       Throwing a real frisbee in a field is ideal when it's an option, but I can see this being fun if there are no fields nearby, plus it could be played over the net with friends on the other side of the world. I like the idea...
DarkEnergy, Mar 14 2006

       //I find it hard to practice my frisbee skills with no one to play with// Practice boomeranging them into the wind.
coprocephalous, Mar 14 2006

       How about a sponge frisbee with sensors inside. When you throw it against a wall the sensors give you the angles and the rotation speed. this can then be translated to a virtual field on the computer.   

       USB and blutooth compliant
miasere, Mar 14 2006

       Frisbee on a string.<b> Get a dog.
DrCurry, Mar 14 2006

       USB frisbee?
miasere, Mar 14 2006

       [roleohibachi] I would rather not play than play with cheapo ones.   

       [copro] But throwing forehand and backhand throws into the wind is not productive.
the fiddler, Mar 14 2006

       sp: novelty flying disc.
Texticle, Mar 14 2006

       I don't think this would work - the virtual reality setup you describe would lack the "feel" of a real frisbee, its inertia and weight - but if it somehow magically were made to work, I'd love the chance to practice my poor skills without hitting people, having to retrieve the disk, having to fight dogs for the frisbee, etc.   

       Maybe some sort of net that you throw into, combined with a mechanism that extrapolates the flight on a screen and returns the disk to you. In the shape of a terrier.
jutta, Mar 15 2006

       The frisbee equivalent of a golfing driving range perhaps?
hidden truths, Mar 15 2006

       With padded dogs to collect them and bring them back
miasere, Mar 15 2006

       //But throwing forehand and backhand throws into the wind is not productive// - Productive? You must play frisbee for different reasons to me.
wagster, Mar 15 2006

       Use a boomerang.   

       I play frisbee with myself in the summer by throwing them forward at an angle of ~40 degrees. It invovles some running, but they usually come back to me within 20".
jellydoughnut, Mar 15 2006

       //Use a boomerang.// I just love thoughts like that...   

       Hmmm... I'm having trouble with this tune I'm learning on the piano. Oh, just play guitar.   

       Yeah, that'll fix it.
zigness, Mar 15 2006

       //It invovles some running, but they usually come back to me within 20"//   

       Fortunately it's not too tough to run for 20 inches. Or were you referring to seconds of latitude/longitude? That could be quite a bit of running, yeah.
DarkEnergy, Mar 15 2006

       Both...in a way...
jellydoughnut, Mar 16 2006

       Twenty inches, even if it is only for twenty seconds, will still get you a movie deal or two.
methinksnot, Mar 16 2006

       [fiddler] dude we all know i would dominate you at ultimate any day....(the better fiddler) ;)
thekid420, Jan 26 2010


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