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Halfbaker Trading Cards

I'll trade you 2 UnaBubbas for a Custardguts
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The cards are of the highest quality, depicting the statistics of your fellow half bakers.

Stats are as follows:

TBE = Total Buns Earned
TFE = Total Fish Earned
ABE = Actual Buns Earned (TBE minus any buns earned from ideas involving custard or pirates)
AFE = Actual Fish Earned (TFE minus one fish per idea to counteract the autoboner)
AVR = Average Votes Received (an overall score: -2.5 to 2.50)
AVG = Average Votes Given (same as AVR)
AIM = Average Ideas per Month
AAL = Average Annotations per Logon

The trim for "Pre-Crash" Bakers, would be done in gold, cause we all know how proud you select few are, of that.

In the same vein as the anonymity of the internet, the front of the card would merely depict the Bakers account name, and below that would be a graphic symbol (2.5 buns to 2.5 fishbones) of the AVR and the AVG side by side, respectively.

The back would list the other stats, listed per year and averaged overall.




1.5 buns / 2.0 Fish


AVG__+1.5____-2.5____ -2.0

MikeD, Jul 14 2009


       If the cards arn't varied and interesting to look at, why bother trading them?
So wouldn't it be better to do the trading cards thing with the ideas themselves? Some of them are already illustrated, even.
And maybe there could be a game involving the category as well as the bun/fish thing.
Loris, Jul 14 2009

       I was thinking of a Yu-Gi-Oh style card set. You know, counter your apponents Idea with a well thought-out and researched retort with your Zen_Tom card, distract your apponent with inane blithering via the 8th of 7 card, ruthlessly attack your apponent with fish if you have the 21 Quest card, disarm your apponent with charm with the Po card, ect ect. Actually, that probably would have been funnier.
MikeD, Jul 14 2009

       I agree with Loris, a set of cards depicting ideas would be a better idea. Each card could also feature selected annotations on the back.
simonj, Jul 14 2009


       I want the special edition [MikeD] that shows him in mufti.
normzone, Jul 14 2009

       Autoboner is the Joker?
phoenix, Jul 14 2009

       //the special edition [MikeD]//   

       A rare card indeed, [Norm]. You'd have a better chance of getting The Autoboner. I'll trade you for it, though.
MikeD, Jul 15 2009

       Yeah, the autoboner special edition card is worth a lot. Until you learn the truth behind the card, and then you join all the people who say it's worth a lot, and are trying to trade it away for a card of real value.
normzone, Jul 15 2009

       What about the cards of those who repeatedly destroy themselves and come back like phoenixs? Would they have editions?
RayfordSteele, Jul 15 2009


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