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Fishbone for Vegetarians ?

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Change that Icon to some thing else which might be suitable for vegetarians amongst HB's readers
VJW, Dec 24 2010

Lardy cake http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lardy_cake
[pocmloc, Dec 24 2010]


       It's OK. Fish aren't really meat. I think they're a kind of fungus, or something.
Wrongfellow, Dec 24 2010

       isn't the fishbone an especially effective icon for vegetarians?
daseva, Dec 24 2010

       Being a veggie and in the light of ideas such as "humane cow explosion" and the panda one, i was expecting this to be used as a punishment for disingenuous ideas.   

       How about dead seaweed?
nineteenthly, Dec 24 2010

       how'bout a slab of tofu shaped like a fishbone ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 24 2010

       A mouldy carrot for this idea! [-]
pocmloc, Dec 24 2010

       What daseva said.
DrBob, Dec 24 2010

       So then what...meat pies instead of croissants for carnivores?
xandram, Dec 24 2010

       Croissants made with lard and bonemeal.
nineteenthly, Dec 24 2010


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