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space for disability innovation
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This is a hackspace where people with disabilities record and develop the solutions they come up with in the process of overcoming barriers. It could also be a place for conversation about and advocacy for general acceptance of an "innovation model" of disability, where disability is understood as the source of innovation.
JesusHChrist, Jun 02 2012

Stupid shit no one needs and terrible ideas hackathon http://www.stupidhackathon.com
For people with the disability to come up with good ideas [JesusHChrist, Nov 17 2014]


       This is a great idea. If nothing like it exists. As in forums specifically for the disabled to do this.
blissmiss, Jun 02 2012

       [+] Brilliant. The world needs more of this.   

       There's a strong tendency for the disabled to get trapped in a cycle of feeling sorry for themselves, which tends to paralyze them and prevent them from solving problems, which makes them feel even sorrier for themselves, and so on. All too often, the struggle with disability just becomes too overwhelming, and people with disabilities end up "giving up" on themselves. They stop taking care of themselves, which frequently manifests itself as a lack of pride in their physical appearance—they think the world perceives them as nothing more than a disability, so why bother? They start relying more and more on more on assistance (both from people and devices) for things that they would otherwise be capable of doing for themselves, which causes a sort of inertia, leading to an increase in weight and poor health. Of course, this in turn makes things harder on the disabled person, making the situation that much worse.   

       It's a very hard cycle to break out of, and existing support groups for the disabled have an unfortunate tendency to perpetuate this attitude. A site (or even a physical location) that focuses on finding solutions to everyday problems facing the disabled is a terrific idea, and I especially like the "disability as a driver" concept, where disability is recast as a motivating force rather than a barrier.
ytk, Jun 03 2012

       // There's a strong tendency for the disabled to get trapped in a cycle of feeling sorry for themselves, which tends to paralyze them and prevent them from solving problems, which makes them feel even sorrier for themselves, and so on. //   

       Too true. Having been temporarily disabled several times in my live (and already susceptible to depression from my bi-polar disorder), I've been given a glimpse of what the permanently disabled go through. I've often felt quite guilty for succumbing to this 'paralyzation', as [ytk] puts it, when I know that I'm eventually going to fully recover and move on with my life when others cannot. This last time was pretty bad: there were periods when I stopped showering and shaving, and I've lost almost 40 lbs because I just didn't feel like eating. It must be hell for those who have no prospect of recovery.   

       <^_Not_ a pity party! Just personal experience that is demonstrative of [ytk]'s point.>   

       I think this is a good idea, and could be a great place for people to discuss and trade emotional coping mechanisms as well as methods for overcoming the physical limitations and barriers they face. Unlike a support group, which can devolve into mutual sympathetic mollification, it could be organized by a clever administrator to present positive 'challenges' to the users, giving them not only a method to overcome their obstacles but also a forum to come back and say "I did it! What's next?"   

       It would instill the attitude of "Bring it on!" instead of "Why bother?"
Alterother, Jun 03 2012

       I'd be very surprised if something like this didn't exist.
RayfordSteele, Jun 04 2012

       [+] I still haven't seen one IRL yet.   

       Maybe the best starting point would be to approach the Tech Shop (a warehouse full of equipment, like a gym membership, but for tool-access) would be best to open up for 3 weekdays each month. They get more traffic nights/weekends from healthy, employed hobbists, & likely have plenty of room for the disabled to join in Tue-Thur once/month. The positive press would be great for them.
sophocles, May 10 2014

       Nice link [JHC] I'm also at bottom born to be wild and see the world as conflicts between friends (1st->2nd SR) and the differences between them. Advanced logia and advanced helmets are in big time.   

       For example [sophocles] first cages inside 'regular business days and hours', then capital, then inside rationalized people, then inside the plenty of room the disabled become object of the mass subjectivity. His/ her idea Friend Camp was excellent and I thought I would try to make some relevant discussion.
rcarty, Nov 17 2014


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