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Fisheye Gaming

Provide low-res peripheral vision with high-res center vision
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Playing a first-person shooter, it's sometimes easy to get shot from the side without even seeing the person. In real life, people have a far better angular range of vision than in most first-person-shooters, but peripheral vision is not as good as vision in the center of the field of view. Proposed is a fisheye perspective to increase the field of view without sacrificing longer-range resolution.
kevinthenerd, Jul 09 2010

Fisheye Photography http://blog.girlsby...ntent/fisheye-2.jpg
Prior art [kevinthenerd, Jul 09 2010]

Aliens vs Predator (1999 PC game) http://www.youtube....watch?v=_CZoeQeoCzE
In this first person perspective game you could choose to play as the "Alien" and it had a fishy-eye type viewpoint. It's not full-on fish eye, but there is a level of distortion there. [Jinbish, Jul 09 2010]


       It's a trade-off. You'll get a better side view, but you'll compromise everything in your front view expect dead-ahead. Good alternative view for a trigger though. [+]
wagster, Jul 09 2010

       You wouldn't need to mimic a fisheye lens exactly. You could keep the central 80% completely undistorted, and then have steep compression in the peripheral side part at the edges of the boundary border, around the edge.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 09 2010

       There was also "Thief : Dark Project" (or maybe the sequel), in which the main character could could throw a 'scouting orb'. This orb was kind of like a camera grenade, and upon throwing, you could then see from the orb's point of view. This view was very fish-eye - but also very static and not actually used during normal gameplay.
Jinbish, Jul 09 2010

       Hmm... the only way I ever got kills in first-person shooters was by exploiting the absence of peripheral vision in others. This is clearly a good idea in itself, but I find it hard to like.
pertinax, Jul 10 2010

       I presume you all know about Fisheye Quake.
nineteenthly, Jul 10 2010


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