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Magnetic Field Line Detour

A Better Lobster Trap
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Lobsters migrate north / south using the Earth’s magnetic field as a guide and an internal sensor of magnetite as a biological compass. So, let’s give ‘em directions to my house for dinner. Things being as they are, it’s a tad difficult to manipulate the Earth’s magnetic field, however, it is very easy to lead a compass astray.

Attached to this lobster pot is a cable of wound wire. At the other end of the cable is a sealed power supply with polarity selection. Basically it’s a long electromagnet that will alter the lobster’s compasses as they approach.

Set the polarity based on which way the lobsters are migrating and which way you are dropping the pot and power supply. First drop the power, then move / spool out cable in an east / west direction, then drop the pot, guiding it down with the buoy rope to ensure maximum cable extension. As lobsters intersect the cable they will turn and follow it right to the pot.

Shz, Mar 30 2006




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