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Five Minutes per Day to Both Fluency and Regularity

Lingo-Toilet: S(h)it and Ponder while learning a language
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So, there you are on a traditional toilet wasting another perfectly good and otherwise useful five-minute session, when you could be learning Japanese for that trip you plan to Nikko this summer. What? Are you crazy?!

Get off that toilet and squat on a Lingo-Toilet, with built-in language tapes and toilet paper in the form of vocabulary lists, self-quizzes, etc.

The little ones are learning Spanish? No problem. Just adjust the computer's scale to their weight, and they automatically hear Espanol while you hear Nihongo. The wife's into Francais? Well, make sure she weighs substantially less than you and she'll be parlez-vousing in no time.

One bug to be worked out: When you let loose a big-job, the computer's scale may switch languages on you. I gotta figure out how to avoid those pesky linguistic mixups that may result.

ertdfgcvb, Mar 17 2005

Nikko Kanaya Hotel http://www.japanhot...otel.asp?HotelID=41
Recommended. [DrBob, Mar 18 2005]


       Bonjour, je suis...Paco.
shapu, Mar 17 2005

       gawd, there is something wrong when we can't just waste 5 minutes per day listening to the fecking sparrows singing...   

       sorry lots of letters.
po, Mar 17 2005

       Five minutes?!
hippo, Mar 17 2005

       20mins? I chuck a load of bread into the hedge - I got about 15 sparrows :)   

       advice please. I want to put up a sparrow box - where's the best site?   

       hippo - take more fibre, dear.
po, Mar 17 2005

       //where's the best site?// From the sparrow's perspective, it's probably not where they can see your toilet.
shapu, Mar 17 2005

       Somehow I picture hearing lots of strained 'Aaeeeeiiiii's' sounding like the traditional Japanese kung-fu movie fashion.
RayfordSteele, Mar 17 2005

       shapu, be serious!
po, Mar 17 2005

       Just this once ;) On a tree, between 3 and 10 meters high. Make sure that at most one side is blocked off. If trees are unavailable, try a pole or a swingarm off of your house.
shapu, Mar 17 2005

       //traditional Japanese kung-fu //

<pedant> Kung-fu and kung-fu movies are Chinese not Japanese. </pedant>

+ for the idea.
DrBob, Mar 18 2005

       Having trouble reconciling the scale angle, does it go something like: la la LA LA laa ... malheureux
reensure, Mar 18 2005

       errr.. yeah. I knew that.
RayfordSteele, Mar 18 2005


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