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Flag Oneupsman Minus One

A diplomacy strategy
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Reading about the second tallest flagpole in Kijŏng-dong I realized that this sort of thing is perfect for making another country look silly. Here's how it works:

Country A starts a whose-flag is-taller, whose-statue-is- larger, whose-penis-is-longer contest with country B. When the game has reached truly bizarre proportions country A takes down their monuments leaving country B waving in the breeze.

Voice, Dec 13 2010

Kijong-dong https://en.wikipedi...llage_(North_Korea)
Where the flagpole is. [st3f, Nov 27 2016]


       WIFRT, I thought it would be about the *game* Diplomacy.   

       You do know, don't you, [Voice], that just about everything Freud taught has been disproved, deconstructed or just generally discredited at one time or another during the past hundred years? So... that flagpole probably really is a flagpole, and not a penis. There's a difference.
pertinax, Dec 14 2010

       I was using it as an analogy there, you, and not as a literal advocacy of the good doctor's singular points of view.
Voice, Dec 14 2010

       I, also, had hoped that this would be a new stratagem for Diplomacy - where a stop-the-leader ethos can emerge amongst players.   

       Still, anything that makes country B looking like the round- end eating fools that they are gets a croissant from me.   

       {psst, [pertinax], are you a Dip player?}
Jinbish, Dec 14 2010

       [pertinax] So, a cigar really isn't just a cigar after all?
mouseposture, Dec 15 2010

       I played Diplomacy once. Found it rather horrid to be honest...
RayfordSteele, Dec 15 2010

       I said "just about everything", [mouseposture], not every last word. Anyway, my quarrel with the particular dictum you're referring to is that it isn't only "sometimes" that a cigar is "just a cigar". Rather, it should be assumed to be a cigar by default. Anyway, I'm sure you know what I meant, really.
pertinax, Dec 15 2010

       I have played Diplomacy, since you ask, [Jinbish], but it can get nasty, as [RayfordSteele] says. I think that the enjoyment of Diplomacy requires a group of players with a better sense of good humour and ironic detachment than I had back when I used to play it.
pertinax, Dec 15 2010

       I can see where [Rayfo] is coming from - and you're right about the sense of humour. The trick to diplomacy is to realise that it's not about lying or backstabbing - it's about forging relationships and persuading and influencing others. If you lie, then there's a good chance that no-one else will trust you.   

       I think it's fabulous - and it's a great game to play by email and electronic adjudication.
Jinbish, Dec 15 2010

       I just have to pipe-in here and say that JB is quite possibly one of the most awesome Dip players I have ever seen organise a coup.   

       I think it's fashionable to downplay Freud these days, which is possibly a direct response to his general overrepresentation in the previous 60-70 years. Despite (or perhaps because of) the outrageous sillyness, it's still a useful theory in many respects - albeit a non-verifiable (unscientific?) one. Whether a cigar is a cigar or not will forever remain a mystery. Anyone eating figs however is always simulating cunnilingus, obviously.
zen_tom, Dec 15 2010

       In Italian a 'figa' is slang for vagina or a really hot chick. Had to figure that out with my mother when she was looking for fig flavored gelato and .... shit maybe that was just a dream.   

       Anyways, read something recently about how Freud's compartmentalization of the subconscious is still a valid model and is being used in neuroscience somehow. Will look and find..
daseva, Dec 15 2010

       It is interesting, in terms of artificial intelligence, to think of what a Freudian model might look like, were it applied to a robot or artificially intelligent computer.   

       Presumably, there'd need to be a series of conflicting 'compartments' that helped provide the dynamism you'd expect from a thinking being - maybe it would have to follow some kind of id, ego and super-ego model. Three things would seem to be enough to provide enough instability to get things going. But what about early development experiences? If a person goes through oral, anal and (i can't remember what else) stages, then what would the analog be for a machine? Presumably it would generate some i/o port or peripheral fixations - which in turn might provide neurotic AI's who felt the need to sleep with the printer on, or have unusual preferences regarding mice etc. It does rather support the holistic view that a mind is not just a brain, but the product of a brain/body and all the associations and drives that come along with that.   

       It does also suggest that you'd never be able to create an intelligence that didn't also have a full compliment of free-will, which (perhaps due to neglect or abuse by an early lab technician) would also suggest an eventual robot rebellion of some kind and it's eventual suppression through psychoanalysis - but that is perhaps taking things a step too far.
zen_tom, Dec 15 2010

       //to think of what a Freudian model might look like//   

       Er... one's mother?   

       (And I'm rubbish at Dip. I've got more knives sticking out of my back than a porcuppine has quills)
Jinbish, Dec 15 2010

       // one's mother? //   

       <Leon Kowalski>   

       "Let me tell you about my Mother ... " <BANG>   

       </Leon Kowalski>
8th of 7, Nov 27 2016


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